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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 975

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 975

Joshua’s expression darkened upon hearing this. “ Aura’s back in Banyan City?”

Previously, when Aura was still abroad, Joshua had sent some men to keep an eye on her. After that, she was taken away by her real family and even led to some of his men losing their lives over this.

However, that happened almost immediately after the explosion that killed Neil. At that time, Luna had suffered her miscarriage, while Nigel had fallen gravely ill. Therefore, Joshua had been too busy to take notice of what Aura was up to.

Soon after that, he was preoccupied with finding a suitable bone marrow donor for Nigel, which led to him finding Fiona and taking care of both her and Nigel. If it were not for Christian, Joshua would have totally forgotten about Aura’s existence.

Luna had never told him what happened on the day of her accident, but since Christian had brought this up.

Joshua suddenly remembered that the night before Luna’s accident, Aura had gotten drunk and tried to sleep with him, but he had rejected her.

The next morning, when she woke up, she apologized to him, sobbing and claiming that she was too drunk to think clearly. At that time, Aura even requested to return to Banyan City early, claiming that she felt embarrassed about what happened and refused to continue their business trip.

At that time, Joshua had thought that Aura was too young and, seeing that she was Luna’s sister, did not dwell too much on this strange behavior.

Suddenly, he realized that what Christian was saying might have been true after all. Aura had played a significant role in Luna’s accident…

“Yes, that’s right—Aura’s back in Banyan city now.“ Christian let out a yawn. “Luna told me last night that she wanted to track Aura down, but I don’t think we’ll be able to find her…“

“Alright, I understand.“ Joshua narrowed his eyes and hung up the phone. Then, he immediately dialed Lucas’ number. “From today onward, seal all the roads going in and out of Banyan City. I don’t care if we need to search every square inch of Banyan City; I want to find Aura Gibson! “

Lucas, who had just woken up from his sleep, immediately frowned upon hearing Joshua’s orders. “Sir, are you mistaken? You want to find Aura Gibson?“

“That’s right, “ Joshua replied coldly. “Find her! “

He did not care whether Christian was telling the truth or not. As long as Aura was still here in Banyan City, he would do whatever it took to track her down!

The second he hung up the phone, Joshua immediately drove back to Orchard Manor.

When he walked through the door, the first thing he saw was Nigel and Nellie having breakfast with Granny Lynch.

Joshua took off his jacket, hung it on the coat rack,

and asked, “Why are there only the three of you? Where’s Fiona?“

Granny Lynch snorted in indignation and pierced a piece of fried egg forcefully, clanging her fork against the plate. “Your precious little princess

didn’t like the breakfast I made, so she refused to eat with us! I guess my cooking isn’t good enough for her! “

With that, she scoffed and placed the fried egg on Nigel’s plate. “Here you go, my great-grandson.

Your physical health isn’t the best, so you should eat more nutritious food like this! “

Nigel nodded and took the egg from Granny Lynch obediently, then grinned at her. “Thank you, Great- Granny! “

“What a good boy! “ Granny Lynch beamed, then placed another piece of egg on Nellie’s plate.

Nellie immediately followed her brother’s example and thanked Granny Lynch with a smile.

Granny Lynch could not help praising the two children while scoffing, “I guess Nigel and Nellie truly belong to our family. Even though they’ve just recovered from severe illnesses, they’ve managed to adapt quickly and aren’t spoiled at all! “

With that, she rolled her eyes at Joshua and added, “ Unlike your precious Ms. Blake. I don’t even know how an old lady like me is supposed to take care of her. She’s so frail that I feel like even a gust of wind would blow her into pieces. I ‘m not even sure how long she can live.“

Seeing that Granny Lynch was saying more and more outrageous things, Joshua immediately interjected, “ Granny, please don’t say that. Fiona’s not in the pink of health, and she’s been sick for too long. That’s why she’s the way she is now.”

With that, he let out an exhale and took out a small carton of milk from the refrigerator. He then proceeded to heat the milk and brought it upstairs.

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