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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 970

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 970

Joshua did not deserve to hear this fantastic news.

“Is this true? That’s awesome! “ As soon as Anne received Luna’s call, she made her way to Blue Bay Villa along with John.

As soon as she entered the door, she immediately rushed toward Luna and gripped her hands tightly. “ Luna, this is amazing news! Knowing that Neil is still alive is the best news I’ve ever received! Nigel and Nellie’s telepathic connection is right after all! “

Anne was so excited that she started to stumble over her words. “I’ve already told you before not to dismiss Nigel and Nellie’s words just because they’re children. No matter what has happened to Neil, whether he’s lost his memory, brainwashed by Aura, or was threatened to accuse you of losing your mind

. As long as he’s alive, I’m sure he’ll eventually return to you! “

Luna could not help a surge of warmth pass through her heart when she saw how delighted Anne was.

She ordered Lily to prepare some fruits for them, then quickly described the day’s events to Anne, including how she had discovered Theo and Neil were still alive.

Theo and Neil had been together during the accident, and after the explosion happened, both their bodies were nowhere to be found. Therefore, if Theo was still alive, this meant that Neil must have survived the blast, too.

Since Neil was alive, the boy Luna had encountered this morning was definitely Neil!

“Yes, you’re right. He must be Neil! “ Anne nodded enthusiastically. “By the way, Luna, have you seen him anywhere else besides this morning?“

Luna paused when she heard this and felt her good mood dissipate.

She shook her head somewhat dejectedly and replied, “No.“

Neil had only appeared for a short while this morning. After he had successfully accused Luna of being mentally unstable and committing domestic abuse, he and Nigel were switched back to their original places.

Even though Luna, as well as Anne’s doctor friend, had checked the surveillance tapes and the patient records afterward, they still could not manage to find Neil.

It was as though he had vanished into thin air.

Not only was she unable to find Neil, but she had lost all means of contacting Theo, too.

Anne could not help sighing when she saw how disappointed Luna looked. “What should we do…“

“Actually, it shouldn’t be too hard to track them down, “ John, who was busy peeling an orange for Anne, piped up abruptly. “Since Neil was able to take Nigel’s place and accuse you of a crime you’ve never committed, this means that there must’ve been someone at the hospital who helped him.“

John handed half of the peeled orange to Luna, then gave the other half to Anne. “Besides, when he and Nigel switched places the first time, no one was able to find them, but when they switched back to their original places, Joshua’s men must’ve been in on this and helped them. Otherwise, it would be impossible to carry it out.

“If we managed to track down whoever it was that helped them, we’d be able to find Theo and Neil.“

Luna froze for a moment, then finally made sense of what John had said. She smacked her forehead in realization and exclaimed, “You’re right.“

The first time the two boys were switched was in the blood transfusion room. Since there were many people going in and out of that room, it would not be difficult to switch out the two children without anyone noticing at all.

However, the second time, whoever was behind this had to perform the switch right under Joshua’s nose! They would not have been able to carry this out if it were not for the help of Joshua’s men.

As for who it was…

Luna narrowed her eyes and recalled Fiona’s face.

Even before Neil appeared, Fiona had deliberately tried to provoke and infuriate her, causing Luna to attack Fiona out of anger.

Because of this incident, Joshua had believed every word that Neil said and thought that Luna was indeed mentally unstable.

After Neil arrived at the ward, Fiona had acted so warmly toward him and even pulled him into a hug.

If someone was a part of this switcheroo… It would definitely be Fiona.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna felt her heart leap into her chest.

Did this mean that…Fiona and Aura were in on this together?

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