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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 968

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 968

Was Joshua willing to return the children to her once she was successfully treated?

He had not even seen a doctor’s report yet and had already believed that Luna was mentally unstable because of Fiona and fake-Nigel’s words. Worse still, he had taken her children away from her!

How could she be sure he would return the children to her, and not use her mental state as an excuse to keep them by his side?

Psychiatric illnesses were one of the most challenging diseases to diagnose.

Luna had been provoked by Fiona in the ward, which led her to attack and keep Fiona in a chokehold.

However, Fiona and Joshua thought she had lost her mind and convinced themselves that she was mentally ill.

Luna gripped her phone tightly. Just as she was about to continue listening, however, the call got hung up.

Luna closed her eyes as she listened to the beeping dial tone, then let out a huge sigh and tucked her phone away.

Meanwhile, Christian was still pondering over what had happened with Jake. “If the child that took Nigel’s place isn’t Jake Landry, who was he then?

Was Nigel taken away by bad guys?“

Luna shot him an impassive glance. “Nigel’s perfectly safe right now.“

Obviously, whoever was behind this had used fake – Nigel to fool Joshua, then immediately switched the two children back.

This was a clever move. After all, Joshua had decided to take both Nigel and Nellie with him. Even though Nigel did not have much contact with Joshua, Nellie spent almost every minute of her day with him. If whoever was behind this did not send the real Nigel back in his place, Nellie would soon realize something was wrong and cause the entire scheme to fail.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna let out an exhale and felt as though someone had lifted the weight off her shoulders.

As long as Nigel was safe and did not fall into Aura’s hands, everything would be fine.

Even though Fiona would make their lives at Orchard Manor difficult, Luna knew that Nigel and Nellie had their own ways of getting on her nerves.

Nonetheless, Luna still had to make sure that Joshua did not indulge Fiona too incessantly and let her mistreat the children. Therefore, she picked up her phone and dialed Granny Lynch’s number.

Luna knew that Granny Lynch had missed the children terribly and was constantly looking for ways to get to know Nigel better.

In the past, Granny Lynch had been so outraged upon hearing Luna’s plans to take the children away from Banyan City that she almost collapsed.

Having received Luna’s call notifying her of Nigel and Nellie’s whereabouts, Granny Lynch immediately packed her bags and headed straight to Orchard Manor.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Luna let out an exhale and sat down on a bench next to the window, gazing out at the cloudy sky.

Her mind was in knots.

She had asked Bonnie to help track down both Aura and the mysterious child for the past few days to no avail.

What she did not expect was to come across this boy again today. She did not expect Aura to order the child to impersonate Nigel and accuse her of being mentally unstable and committing domestic violence!

Luna had not seen this coming at all. She did not know what the next step was.

Did she have to visit a psychiatrist to obtain proof of her stable mental state? Or was she supposed to bring out evidence that she had never abused her children before?

Even if she did, no one would believe her. After hearing everything on the phone just now, Luna knew that no matter how hard Nigel tried to explain, Joshua would never believe him and instead think that Nigel was doing this out of kindness and love toward his mother.

Therefore, it was impossible to prove her innocence this way.

The best thing she could do at this point was to find Aura and the child who had impersonated Nigel.

Nonetheless, where could they be?

Luna, along with Christian, managed to track down Anne’s doctor-friend and gained access to the hospital’s surveillance tapes through his connection. However, even after looking through the security cameras, no trace of the child or Aura could be found, but…

Just as they were watching the surveillance tapes of the hospital’s back door, a tall man in a janitor’s uniform caught Luna’s eye.

She said in a hoarse voice, “Can you zoom in on his face, please?”

The technician in charge of the security cameras nodded and did as she asked.

A chiseled face appeared in the center of the screen. Luna’s eyes widened as she registered this familiar face.

Was this…Theo?

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