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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 955

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 955

Luna was stunned to hear Joshua’s words.

Fiona was in trouble? She just called her this morning, pressing her to leave Banyan City.

She frowned. “What happened to Fiona?“

On the other end of the phone, Joshua sighed, a hint of helplessness in his voice. “Fiona got into a fight with me and drove out of the Orchard Manor alone. Then, she…met with an accident.“

Luna paused, then pursed her lips. “Then you should be accompanying her instead. You don’t have to inform me about something like this, I can neither take care of her nor—“

“Luna.“ On the other end of the phone, he sucked in a deep breath and interrupted her faintly. “I already ordered Lucas and Zach to pick you and Nigel up.“

Joshua’s words baffled her. Fiona met with an accident and was hospitalized. Why would he tell her this and ask her to go to the hospital? She could still understand if he wanted her to go, but why insist on bringing Nigel along?

Nigel was neither a nurse nor was he her relative. Why would Joshua insist on bringing a child to the hospital?

“I’ll go alone. Nigel has been spending the last few years in hospital, and now that he’s finally recovered, he won’t want to go back to the hospital.“

Even Luna herself did not want to go. She was already restraining herself from burning firecrackers to celebrate Fiona’s accident, so why would she go visit her at the hospital? Why would she dig her own grave?

On the other end of the phone, Joshua remained silent for a while, then opened his mouth and said coldly, “Bring Nigel with you.“

“Fiona is badly injured, and she’s lost a lot of blood “ His low voice was cold and emotionless. “Nigel’s blood type and blood compatibility are the exact same as Fiona’s.“

Only then did Luna understand.

As it turned out… Joshua insisted on asking her to bring Nigel to the hospital because he wanted Nigel to donate blood to Fiona?!

Nigel was just a six—year—old boy! Besides, because of the blood disease that he had, he just completed surgery for a bone marrow transplant a month ago!

Although the operation was highly successful, the transplanted bone marrow began to produce blood in Nigel’s body, but he had only recovered a month ago. He definitely should not be donating blood to someone else so quickly!

“Luna.“ Hearing Luna’s silence, Joshua heaved out a deep breath. “It’s not like I’m not making any other effort, both the hospital and I are transferring blood from other blood banks. Still, Nigel…has to come to get her through this emergency.“

Luna listened to Joshua’s deep and unfeeling voice.

She felt as if the back of her head had been struck hard with a hammer. She felt faint, dazed, pained, and helpless.

What little feelings that accumulated in her heart for him because he helped her last night, because he wanted to bid her a proper goodbye, disappeared in an instant.

What was the use of him being kind to her for a short period? When something happened to his precious Ms. Blake, he only thought of her because her son could give Fiona Blake a blood transfusion!

Luna sucked in a deep breath and gripped the phone in her hand tightly, squeezing every single word out of her mouth from between her teeth, “Joshua Lynch, how can you be sure that Nigel’s blood is compatible with Fiona’s?“

How come she never knew Fiona and Nigel shared the same blood type?

Joshua was silent for a second, then he laughed. “I was just at the hospital’s blood bank, I read about it from the file in the blood bank. Luna, Fiona’s injuries are quite severe, so bring Nigel here as soon as you can. Just take it as a way to thank me for helping you maintain your reputation a few days ago. Even so, you should allow Nigel to come and help Fiona, don’t you think so?“

Luna could hardly believe her own ears.

Joshua said… To thank him for helping her a few days ago, he wanted her to bring her who had just recovered from a critical illness to donate blood to Fiona?

How could someone be so despicable?

How could he care so little about his own son’s life and death? !

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