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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 951

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 951

Reading the two sentences on the screen, an endless variety of possible scenarios immediately exploded in Luna’s mind.

Although the message the anonymous sender sent to her had disappeared somehow, she remembered it clearly. The sender said that they were ‘doing well’ and that they were the people she missed dearly.

This email address was the one she used when she was working as Moon. Apart from her colleagues overseas, only Nigel and Neil knew about it.

She bit her lip and quickly found the photos that Joey sent to her before. Her eyes were fixed intently on the little boy holding Aura’s hand.

A ridiculous idea slowly surfaced in her mind.

Could it be…? Was the telepathy between triplets that Nellie and Nigel always talked about true after all?

Could it be that Neil and Theo were not dead? Could the little boy holding Aura’s hand be Neil? As for the person who sent the emails to her… Could it have been Neil, too?

At this thought, she bit her lip, her hands shaking from agitation as she tapped her question out on her keyboard and typed out a reply.

(Tell me: who on earth are you? Are… Are you Neil?]

After sending the email, Luna pressed her hand to her chest unconsciously, trying to restrain her wildly beating heart.

She was looking forward to receiving a positive answer from the sender, hoping to receive good news that would make her scream.

Time passed with every tick of the clock. Every minute that she spent waiting for a reply felt like torture.

Luna thought that since he replied to her email immediately the last time, this time, he would do the same.


A minute passed, then two. 3o minutes passed, then an hour, then two hours…

She sat quietly in front of the computer and waited for three full hours.

When the sky outside the window started to turn white from the rays of the early morning sun, she still had yet to receive a reply.

Her emotions switched from her early agitation to hopefulness, and finally to disappointment and despair. In the end, she could only convince herself dejectedly that maybe the sender fell asleep.

She sat stubbornly in her chair and waited in front of her computer, guarding the little sliver of hope she had left.

Sometime later, her phone rang. She picked it up dazedly and answered, “Hello?“

“Luna.“ Fiona’s cold and soft whine drifted from the other end of the phone. “Didn’t you promise to leave Banyan City after the competition? I talked to

Joshua. We agreed that since you’re leaving with two of his children, we can provide you with a private jet.

How long do you need to pack your stuff? Five hours? Ten hours? The private jet is waiting for you a t the airport. With Joshua’s influence, he can arrange for your flight to depart at any time.”

Finally, Fiona sucked in a deep breath and asked, “So, Luna, when will you leave Banyan City?”

The other woman’s cold voice doused the sleepy Luna awake. Fiona was pressing her to leave. Five hours, lo hours—she gave her it  hours at most. She even emphasized that the private jet was waiting at the airport and could fly them away at any moment.

However, she was sick and did not plan to leave so soon, especially after she received the anonymous email last night.

At this thought, Luna sucked in a deep breath. “Are you in such a rush for us to leave?”

On the other end of the phone, Fiona chuckled softly.

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