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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 950

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 950

“When Ms. Luna wakes up, should I tell her you were the one who sent her home?“

Joshua lowered his eyes and looked at the red-faced woman lying on the sofa. “No. Just tell her that her colleagues sent her home.“

He looked at Luna deeply again. “She’ll get a headache when she’s hungover, prepare some soup for her to help her sober up.“

Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he sighed deeply and said, “It’s okay, I’ll do it.“

With this, he took off his tie, unbuttoned the two topmost buttons of his shirt, then turned and entered the kitchen.

He had never made her soup before. Back then when he made soup for Fiona, Fiona even secretly recorded him with his phone and sent the video to Luna to show off.

He wondered how she felt when she watched the video.

To tell the truth, that night he only cooked the soup because he remembered that she always suffered from hangovers the next day. Initially, he planned to ask Lucas to send the soup to Luna, but Fiona caught him when he was busying himself in the kitchen.

That was how the bowl of soup that he made not for her not only failed to reach her hands but in the end turned into a tool for Fiona to show off…

He sighed, tied the apron around his waist, and started busying himself in the kitchen.

Luna lay on the sofa, her eyes squinting into a thin line, and quietly watched the man as he hopped around the kitchen.

Somehow, tonight Joshua suddenly turned into a version of him that she did not know. The Joshua Lynch of the past would never do anything for her, much less cook her soup so diligently.

If it was not for Fiona’s phone call that she overheard on the journey to the villa, she might brainwash herself into stubbornly thinking that he loved her.

But in fact…

Because of Fiona’s phone call, everything that he did for her now transformed into a cruel joke.

Maybe Jude did not lie to her. Maybe Joshua really loved her, but that was all in the past. Now, everything that he did was just to make up for the hurt he caused her so that he could feel slightly relieved when he thought of her in the future.

But in fact, how could the debt that he owed her, be repaid by a small bowl of soup, and a few hours of care and attention?

Half an hour later, Joshua placed the bowl of freshly- cooked soup on the coffee table.

“Serve it to her ten minutes later. By then, the temperature will be just right.“ Finally, after reminding Lily, he put on his tie, took his jacket, and left.

Luna watched his tall, lean back as he left, and sighed deeply. There were a myriad of emotions in her heart.

After the rumble of the car outside drifted far in the distance, Lily helped Luna up and fed her the bowl of soup.

Luna stood up, pretending as if she had just awakened. Neither did she ask Luna who sent her home, nor why the soup tasted different tonight.

She stood up and returned to her bedroom, sat in front of her desk, and pressed her palms into her eyes tightly to stop her tears from falling.

She knew full well that despite everything that he did for her tonight, he was still a jerk, still the man that protected Fiona.

Nevertheless, disappointingly, her heart still ached at his brief show of gentle affection.

Sucking in a deep breath, she shook her head to disperse the thoughts that did not belong in her mind and switched on her computer to watch a video, trying to soothe her pain.

However, unexpectedly, the moment she switched on her computer, an email from an anonymous sender landed in her inbox. Just like the two anonymous emails that she received previously, the sender was still a bunch of meaningless numbers.

Finally receiving another anonymous email after a month, Luna did not have time for her little emotions, and hurriedly opened the email.

The contents of the email were as confusing as ever.

‘We’re back. Don’t look for us, we’ll look for you.’

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