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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 949

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 949

Listening to Joshua’s telephone conversation with Fiona as he held her in his arms, Luna closed her eyes helplessly.

To tell the truth, at that moment, she wished she could push him coldly away, order Lucas to stop the car and leave, slamming the door behind her as she went.

But she could not do so.

After all, Joshua said a lot of things in front of her that he would not say when she was sober. If she got up now, he would know she had merely been pretending to be drunk…

The relationship between them would only become more awkward than before. Joshua would not be able to keep up his ruthless, emotional act and she had no choice but to face his shallow feelings for her.

That was why since she had decided to pretend to be drunk, she had to keep up the act all the way until the end.

“Come home earlier if you can.“ On the other end of the phone, Fiona’s voice was soft and gentle. “I made you some delicious food.“

Joshua laughed lightly, “Why would you do that? I should be the one cooking for you.“

“No, I want to do something for you before I die. I’ll be waiting for you at home! “ With that, she kissed the phone on the other end, making a loud, popping noise.

Joshua frowned slightly. Even though he and Fiona were boyfriend and girlfriend, they had never even kissed. Why would Fiona suddenly change today and make such a sound over the phone?

Even though he was confused, he did not put much thought into it. Fiona was a twenty-year-old young girl after all. Maybe because of her young age, she thought this was normal?

However, at the sound of Fiona’s kiss, Luna rolled her eyes silently from her position in Joshua’s arms. When she went out on a joyride with Christian, Joshua even berated her righteously, saying that she did not behave like a mature woman. And giving little girls flying kisses was the golden standard of maturity?

Very soon, the car slipped to a stop in front of Blue Bay Villa. After Lucas parked the car, Joshua reached out his long arms and heaved Luna up once more, then strode toward the villa.

Lying in his arms, Luna breathed in the air that smelled of him, and felt the rhythm of his steady heartbeat pulsing from his chest. In the end, she could not help herself and opened her mouth, continuing her drunken act as she asked, “Joshua.“

“Yeah. “ He frowned, his low voice sounded sweet and loving. “I’m here.“

Luna’s heart almost skipped a beat. Somehow, for some reason unbeknownst to her, he seemed… particularly gentle with her when she was drunk.

“Did you ever…love me?“

At her question, Joshua paused slightly. A moment later, he laughed lightly, “Whether I loved you or not, this question lost its importance a long time ago.” Then, he tightened his grip around her and carried her into the villa with long, steady strides.

Nigel and Nellie promised Luna they would go to bed early and would not wait for her, so when he carried her and walked inside, Lily was the only one sitting in the living room of the villa.

Seeing Joshua carry Luna home in his arms, Lily paused and rushed up to them immediately. “Ms. Luna said she would not drink, but she still did… Luckily Nellie and Nigel are already asleep, otherwise, they would start worrying again.” As she grumbled, she helped Joshua lay Luna down on the sofa.

After all of this was done, Lily sucked in a deep breath.

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