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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 948

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 948

“Just drive.“

Lucas coughed lightly and hurriedly turned the rearview mirror to the side and started the engine.

After the car spurred into motion, Joshua sucked in a deep breath and grabbed Luna’s hand that was holding his tie, restrained her, and finally confined the twisting and moving woman in his arms.

“Don’t move.“ He frowned. “She never moved so much when she got drunk in the past.“

Luna pouted silently and finally stopped her roaming hands.

Lucas, who was busy driving, laughed lightly too, “ Maybe Luna drank a different type of wine tonight.“

“I remember she used to talk a lot when she got drunk, but unexpectedly, today she didn’t talk much, instead she moved around so much.“ Joshua lowered his eyes and glanced indifferently at the woman in his arms.

A long while later, he turned and looked out the car window, his voice sounding slightly hoarse as he said, “Maybe she didn’t want to talk to me.“

Today, all he wanted was to make her give up on him, so that she could leave Banyan City without any worries or regrets.

But he forgot that his words…would crush her. Even Jude thought that his words were hurtful…

Maybe they were really cruel? That was why she refused to talk to him even when she was drunk.

”Why? ” Lucas was confused. ”Didn’t Luna find out today that you were the one who busied yourself collecting the evidence for her to help her regain her honor and reputation? By right, she should be grateful, so why would she refuse to talk to you?”

Joshua sighed, tightening his hold on Luna. ”Today, I..I purposely said a lot of hateful words to hurt her.”

He lowered his eyes and studied her downturned eyes, his faint voice sounded hoarse with emotion. ”I don’ t want her to be grateful to me, I don’t want her to leave Banyan City with any residual feelings for me. Since it would be difficult to meet again for the rest of our lives, why would I leave her with any good memories of us? Only hatred and loathing will prevent her from thinking about the past when she used to have feelings for me. Only then can she start over again and live a new life.”

Lucas barely understood Joshua’s words, but he agreed with his decision. ”You’re right. You promised Ms. Blake anyway… ”

”Enough.” Before Lucas could finish, Joshua interrupted him. He held her shoulders, closed his eyes, and leaned back on the leather seat. ”I need some peace and quiet.” This might be the last time he ever held her in his arms for the rest of his life.

But what he did not know was that tears quietly rolled out the corners of Luna’s as she buried her head in the back of the seat and pretended to be asleep.

John was right. Everything that Joshua did, he did for her. It had nothing to do with Fiona. She did not know whether he did all these things for her to repay her for taking care of him, for loving him, or because of other feelings and emotions.

But she knew… This man seemed to be bidding her goodbye in a very solemn, and serious manner.

He would rather she leave the city harboring hatred toward him than have her be reminded of him again in the future.

Right when her entire chest felt as warm and light as if a soft summer breeze had just blown across her chest, Joshua’s phone rang.

He opened his eyes and answered, “Fiona, I’m outside. Yeah, I’ll go home and accompany you once I ‘m done with the matter at hand. Don’t worry, I’ll continue telling you your favorite bedtime stories tonight.“

Triggered by his low voice, the vibrations in his chest drifted across the portion of her shoulder that rested on his chest, and caused slight tremors in her shoulder.

Her head remained lowered, a flash of bitterness streaking across her chest.

Even if he helped her and wanted to bid her a proper goodbye, so what? After taking care of her for an hour, he would go home and care for Fiona the entire night. In his eyes, what was she to him?

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