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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 941

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 941

Jude wanted to reject Luna’s suggestion. But…

Right when he was about to open his mouth to reject her, Luna took out her phone and pressed the button to set it on loudspeaker.

Nigel’s cheerful voice drifted from the phone. “ Mommy, if Uncle Jude does not agree, I’ll expose the secrets in his phone to the public! About the identity of the goddess that you have been crushing on for ten years, and how you lost badly at a game and reported your opponent to get his account knocked… I know everything! “

Listening to the little guy’s slightly immature and threatening words, Jude frowned. “Nigel, it’s wrong of you to do this! If I get angry enough, I will sue you! “

“Oh.“ Nigel pouted and said, “But Uncle Jude, if you sue me, my Daddy will have a heart -to -heart with you. Don’t worry, he can’t bear to watch as his beloved son rots in prison.“

Jude was speechless. “ ..“

The office was quiet for a long period of time. Finally, Jude had no choice but to admit defeat and called Joshua resignedly.

After a few beeping tones, the call was connected.

Joshua’s low and indifferent voice drifted across the radio waves. “She left?”

Jude pursed his lips and nodded silently. “Yeah, she left. I told you I don’t have to leave through the back door, I can just hide behind the secret door. Luna isn’t so all-powerful that she can guess where the secret door in my office is.“

On the other end of the phone, Joshua laughed faintly at his friend’s words and said, “That’s true, she has always been silly and stupid. She’s not that bright either.“

Silly and stupid, not that bright. These three adjectives caused the air in Jude’s office to instantly fall quiet.

Jude glanced carefully at the pale woman in front of him and lowered his voice. “Actually, Luna isn’t that bad, right… She…is quite smart.”

“I don’t think so.” On the other end of the phone, Joshua’s voice was ice-cold, without a thread of warmth at all. “If I didn’t step in and help her halfway through the competition, not only would she have lost her pride and dignity as Luna, she would also dirty the name of Master Moon that she spent years building up. Are you telling me a woman like her is smart?“

Sitting across from Jude, Luna narrowed her eyes, her fists curling into fists by her side. This was the first time she had heard Joshua’s comments on her in front of other people. And in front of Jude Smith, his good friend of many years. No matter how much of a hypocrite a person was in front of others, he would always be honest when talking with his best friend.


Luna closed her eyes. Right from the start, was this how he saw her?

Even though she told herself countless times, not to care, she could not care, but when she heard with her own ears how he talked about her in such a mocking and derogatory tone, her heart could not help but feel as if it was covered in a thick layer of crawling insects, and they were all biting at her chest.

Not only did Joshua’s words make Luna feel uncomfortable, even Jude thought that he had crossed the line. He pursed his lips. ”Joshua, how can you say that?”

”Then what should I say?” There was a hint of mockery in his voice. He said, ”Don’t tell me Luna is still there beside you? Otherwise, why won’t you let me tell the truth?”

Jude screwed his eyebrows tightly together. What was wrong with Joshua today? Usually, his voice and tone when he talked about Luna were incredibly gentle, but how come today…

He found it odd, but he could not say much with Luna present, so he had no choice but to change the topic of conversation in a hurry. ”Right, Joshua, I want to ask, why did you send the emails to Bonnie to help Luna? In the emails that you sent, once Luna and Bonnie obtained the evidence, Fiona would be embarrassed and humiliated. Aren’t you afraid that her emotional instability would cause her death? ”

Joshua sat in his office, staring solemnly at the computer screen in front of him. The scene displayed on the screen was the video feed from the CCTV camera in Jude’s office. From the camera’s position, he could clearly see Luna’s pale, disappointed face.

He closed his eyes, a bitter smile appearing on his lips.

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