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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 940

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 940

He should have taken Joshua’s advice and escaped through the back door! During their call just now, Joshua asked him to run away, but as the President of the Smith Group, it would be too much of an embarrassment if he ran away as soon as Luna came calling. He thought she would never find him as long as he hid behind the hidden door in his office. But he underestimated Luna and her son’s abilities!

His phone was switched off, but somehow it switched on all by itself and started playing music.

What’s more, no matter how hard he tried to switch it off, he failed!

At this thought, Jude could not help but smile at Luna while he muttered to himself, “Nigel was indeed Joshua’s son… Not only his hacking skills, but even his two -facedness was also exactly the same as Joshua’s…“

“Why are you hiding from me, Mr. Smith?“

After sitting down with Jude on the sofa, Luna did not want to waste any time on pleasantries and went straight to the point. Since Jude was already avoiding her, that proved he knew the reason for her visit.

At this thought, she curled her lips in a smile and looked at the man in front of her with faint, indifferent eyes. “In my memory, you’re not a kind philanthropist who does good deeds without leaving your name behind. Why did you help me, and still hide from me?“

Jude raised his teacup and took a light sip to calm himself down. Then, he opened his mouth awkwardly and said, “Because…“ He sucked in a deep breath. “Because the past few times that I tried to convince you to reconcile with Joshua ended up in you getting hurt. So I felt guilty and wanted to do something for you in return before you left Banyan City.“

After his little confession, he looked at her carefully and asked, “Are you satisfied with this reason?“ ‘

Luna did not answer him. She took out the documents she prepared beforehand and handed the picture of Fiona’s burn wound to Jude.

“Where did this photo come from?“

Jude looked at the photo and was quiet for a long time, then he finally opened his mouth tentatively and said, “From the internet?“

Joshua must have found this photo of a burn wound online, right?

Luna lifted her lips in a smile. “It seems like your memory is failing you, Mr. Smith. You bought this photo from the doctor at the burn unit at West City Hospital.“

Jude paused, his eyes filled with shock and surprise. Joshua bought such a frightful photograph? Why would he spend money on a frightful photograph like this?

Luna quietly read all of his reactions. She narrowed her eyes and continued saying, “Mr. Smith, do you remember how much you paid for this photo?“

Jude remained silent for a long while and finally opened his mouth tentatively and asked, “5000?“

“It’s 20,000.“ Luna sucked in a deep breath, raised her eyes, and glanced at him coldly. “Didn’t Joshua tell you?“

“No, we… “ Jude finally realized his mistake in the middle of his sentence and hurriedly denied it by saying, “I did all of this by myself, this has nothing to do with Joshua with all…“

“That’s enough, Mr. Smith. Please stop pretending.“ Luna rubbed the middle of her eyebrows. Even though before coming here, she knew it was more likely that Joshua was the one who sent the emails to Bonnie. But still, she was not 100% certain.

Now, judging from Jude’s reactions, she was almost sure it was Joshua who sent the emails to Bonnie.

She closed her eyes and remained silent for a long period of time before opening her eyes again and looked at Jude, her gaze deep and heavy. “Tell me, why did he send those emails, why did he help me? “

Jude bit his lip, lost for words for a moment. Finally, the man sighed, “You have to ask him yourself.” Luna breathed out, then pushed Jude’s cell phone in front of him. “Call him now and ask, I’ll listen.”

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