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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 935

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 935

“Even if you want to thank me, you didn’t have to call me out this early in the morning, right?“

At the break of dawn, Bonnie sat in the coffee shop owned by her family, yawning continuously. She sipped on her coffee, her eyes blurred, complaining to Luna in a low voice.

Sitting in front of her, Luna smiled faintly. “Of course I’m not asking you out just to thank you.“ She found the photo Joey Charles sent to her the other day and handed it to Bonnie. “Look.“

Bonnie frowned and took the phone, then, her eyes widened immediately. “Isn’t this Aura Gibson?“

To investigate her brother, Jason’s disappearance, Bonnie had been conducting follow-up reports on Aura for a long time. In the end, she was even tricked by Aura and stayed in the psychiatric hospital for a long time instead of Aura.


Joshua sent Aura abroad in the name of furthering her studies and forbade her from returning to Banyan City, right? So why was the photo of Aura taken at the airport in Banyan City?


Why did the little boy whose hand she was holding look exactly like her two sons?!

“Joey gave this to me yesterday. This boy arrived in Banyan City on the same flight as him, Aura picked him up outside the airport. The photo was taken two days ago, and I asked Nigel to check all the CCTV cameras of all flights and trains that left Banyan City during the last two days and any other exits leading out of the city. There were no signs of Aura and the boy leaving the city.“

Bonnie paused. “That means…the two of them are still in Banyan City?“

Luna nodded silently. “Yes.“ She sucked in a deep breath. “I hope you can help me find them.“

Initially, when she first received the photo, the first person she thought about was Joshua. She went to him immediately too. After all, Aura and Joshua were intricately involved, and the kid in her hands looked exactly like the children she herself shared with him.


“Then what if she uses the kid as an excuse and tries to approach you?“

“She can take care of the child’s issues by herself, I won’t interfere.“

Unconsciously, Joshua’s conversation with Fiona yesterday rang in her ears again. Luna closed her eyes and heaved out a long sigh.

Joshua was right. She could take care of the child’s issues by herself. To him now, even Nigel and Nellie were out of his zone of concern, let alone this child who only looks like Nigel?

However, it was impossible to find a needle in a haystack in a big city like Banyan City by relying on Nigel, Nellie, and herself. Since Joshua did not care,

she could only seek out Bonnie’s help.

“Even if you didn’t ask, I would help you after I saw this photo.“ Bonnie sucked in a deep breath, raised her eyes, and looked at Luna solemnly. “If you didn’t help me back then, I would either be tricked out of all my money by Jason and get murdered or be killed by him in front of his wife and child. Luna, without you, I wouldn’t be here right now.“

Luna’s heart warmed to hear her friend’s words. She lowered her head. “I already owe you so much.“

When Nigel needed money for his surgery, and the incident that happened later on, and how she purposely flew back to Banyan City yesterday just to help her at the competition…

At the thought of how Bonnie helped her yesterday, Luna could not help but raise her head and glance at her. “I always wanted to ask, the…evidence you produced at the competition yesterday, when did you get it?“

Bonnie exclaimed softly, then frowned and glanced at Luna. “Weren’t you the one who gave me the evidence?“

Hearing the other woman’s words, Luna was stunned for a few seconds.


Before Bonnie produced the evidence, Luna had no idea at all that Fiona had been getting up to all her little tricks behind her back.

How could she have been the one to give all those videos and photos to Bonnie?

”It’s not you?” Bonnie looked at Luna with confusion written all across her features. ”I received an email two days ago asking me to be present in Banyan City on the day of the competition and bring this evidence there and help you turn the tide.”

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