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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 928

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 928

The more Luna said, the wider her mocking smiles were.

“But, they are still such amateurs. They don’t know that even if Ms. Blake did not have any terminal illness, as long as she acted coquettishly, you will still be willing to do anything for her.“

Joshua looked at her and narrowed his eyes. His reaction made Luna disheartened.

Luna smiled. “Mr. Lynch, why are you not saying anything? Have I hit the nail on the head?“

Joshua looked at her. His eyes dimmed. “What do you think?“


Before Luna could finish saying anything, Joshua’s phone rang.

The rooftop was too dark, so when Joshua picked his phone up, the words Fiona Blake were extremely jarring.

Luna bit her lips and looked at Joshua picking Fiona’s call.

His initial low voice when he spoke to her instantly turned gentle.

“I ‘ll be going back soon. Hmm, I have not had my dinner yet. I’ll have it with you. I ‘ll hang up first.“

Then, Joshua hung up.

Luna stood in the same spot. She looked at Joshua and suddenly found it funny.

In Joshua’s eyes, Fiona was the most important person at that moment, yet why did he get angry when he misunderstood her and Christian? He even directly dragged her all the way to the rooftop to question her.

What right did he have?

He wanted to hold on to his current lover, yet he also wanted to mind his ex-lover’s business?

At that thought, Luna immediately walked over to the door to the rooftop.

“Since you’re so busy, Mr. Lynch, I won’t bother you anymore. You should go back and have dinner with Ms. Blake.“

Then, she directly pulled the iron door open. “Christian is still waiting for me downstairs.“

Perhaps, the word Christian triggered Joshua. He immediately rushed over and pulled Luna over.

“Are you still planning to take Christian home?“

Luna smiled. “Yes, what about it? Not only do I want to take Christian home but I also want to have dinner with him and chat with him. As for what you said, Mr. Lynch, whether anything will happen later in the night…it’s not off the table.“

Luna’s cold tone and nonchalant attitude infuriated Joshua.

He directly pulled Luna over and pinned her to the wall aside.

“You’re still going to take him home. You’re just going to ignore what I said just now, is it?“

“Yes! “

Luna raised her gaze and looked at him.

“Joshua, who do you think you are? Why should you care? Even Nigel and Nellie agree that I should be with other men. Who the hell are you to..hmm! “

Before she could not finish her sentence, Joshua kissed her on the lips fiercely.

His kiss was cold and overbearing. He was as domineering as usual.

Luna widened her eyes at first, then she struggled with all her might. However, the more she struggled, the deeper Joshua kissed.


While Luna was struggling, she reached out and grabbed onto the doorknob. The iron door to the rooftop opened.

Joshua furrowed his brows while kissing her. He wanted to raise his hand to shut the door. However, the moment he lifted his gaze, he was stunned.

When Luna noticed Joshua was not moving, she immediately escaped from his clutches. She lifted her hand and slapped him fiercely!


Joshua was slapped so hard his head turned to the side.

However, he still looked in the direction of the iron door, not moving.

Luna furrowed her brows and subconsciously turned to look.

Standing by the door to the rooftop was the pale- faced Fiona in her hospital gown.

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