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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 921

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 921

Luna could not help but furrowed her brows at Jude’s words.

She looked at Jude and smiled ambiguously. “Fiona has a terminal illness?“

What act is she playing again?

Fiona had always said that Luna burned her with hot water. At that moment, it was not enough, so she brought up excuses like her having a terminal illness?

“I’m not lying to you! “

Jude sighed and said, “Luna, up till this stage, there i s no reason for me to lie to you anymore. Fiona has a terminal illness, also, it is very serious. The doctors said that she only has less than a year to live.“

Then, Jude exhaled a long sigh.

“Luna, there is no need for me to lie to you anymore. Joshua has told me to keep it a secret from you, but I think you need to know…“

Jude looked at Luna and said seriously, “You might think that Joshua overly spoils and indulges in Fiona, but he has a reason for it. Ever since Joshua got together with Fiona, she already had that terminal illness. She requested for Joshua to accompany her through the last stage of her life.

Joshua had no reason to refuse! “

Luna could not help but smile at Jude’s words.

“Why does he have no reason to refuse? Did Fiona place a knife on Joshua’s neck and force him to do i t?“ Luna asked coldly.

Jude was instantly silenced.

He almost spilled the fact that Fiona donated her bone marrow to Nigel.

However, it was not the right time at that moment.

At that moment, they were still on the stage of the InternationalJewelry Design Competition. There were thousands of ordinary people below the stage. I f he were to suddenly tell Luna about the bone marrow matter, then…

The consequences would be unimaginable! At that thought, Jude let out a long exhale.

“Of course, Joshua is willing to accompany Fiona in the last stages of her life because he likes her. If not, what else could it be?“

Then, Jude furrowed his brow and said, “Anyway, I came up here to explain to all of you why Joshua let Fiona enter Luna’s team and take part in this competition. This is one of Fiona’s wishes as a terminal illness patient. Joshua only wanted to fulfill her wish.

“I’m sure, not only Joshua, anyone of you here would do the same thing when you know a lady in her prime like Ms. Blake is about to pass away. None o f you will refuse her.“

Then, Jude looked at Luna meaningfully, turned, and left.

The venue was once again in silence.

In the end, it was President Calvin the organizer who stood up.

“Since Mr. Lynch was trying to fulfill Ms. Blake’s dying wish, that was why he let her join Luna’s team. We also cannot deny that Ms. Luna is a kind-hearted woman!

“Her character and her work should be a role model for us in the jewelry design world! I hereby announce that the champion of the International Jewelry Design Competition goes to the Lynch Group’s team led by Ms. Luna!”

A long time after his announcement only then did the crowd applauded half-heartedly.

Luna held onto the trophy that Joey passed to her. She had mixed feelings.

After such an episode from Fiona, not only Luna, but every other person there also felt that the competition had long lost its meaning.

It was just a farce.

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