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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 919

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 919

“Whether you poured hot water on yourself or not, you know clearly.“

Bonnie sneered and continued opening up a document from the flash drive.

“This is burns from someone who was scalded by freshly boiled water for ten minutes. This is someone who had been burned by coffee. The last one is Ms. Blake’s burns. Which one does she belong to?”

The audience was silent for a long while when they heard what Bonnie said.

In the end, someone said softly, “Ms. Blake’s burns are similar to the freshly boiled water one…“

Bonnie nodded. She said the same thing as the doctor when Luna brought Joshua to the hospital that day.

“Because they had to consider the customers drinking coffee, coffees are usually not brewed at boiling temperature…“

Fiona’s expressions turned ugly instantly. She bit her lips and glared at Bonnie angrily.

“You cannot judge it like this! The coffee that burned me the other day, the one that I brewed for Ms. Luna, I used freshly boiled water! That is why I was burned like that! “

Luna could not help but furrowed her brows upon Fiona’s words.

“So, Ms. Blake, you used freshly boiled water to brew a cup of coffee for me…“

Then, Luna sneered coldly.

“You used water with such a high temperature to make coffee for me. Were you trying to please me or harm me?“

Fiona was completely stumped by Luna’s question.

She was so focused on trying to explain how her burns were caused by Luna, she forgot the more fatal question. If she used freshly boiled water to brew the cup of coffee for Luna and served Luna right after she brewed it, she would be intentionally trying to burn Luna.

If she did not use freshly boiled water to brew the coffee, but only used a slightly higher temperature water…

She would not be burned so terribly. Fiona was stunned.

She was logically backed up into a corner by Luna and Bonnie’s question. She would not be right no matter how she explained.

The voices of people not believing Fiona got louder. The discussions and comments about her got louder too.

Fiona’s face was miserable pale. “I…“ “You don’t have to explain.“

Bonnie smiled and laughed.

“As for how your injury came about, I know.“

Bonnie laughed lightly and played the last video. In the video, Fiona was alone in the VIP consultation room at the hospital. After a phone call, she directly walked to the kettle which was still boiling water.

She picked up the kettle and poured it on herself…

Everyone was completely shocked by Fiona’s distorted face on the screen.

Fiona herself was stunned too. She looked at the surveillance footage in a daze. Something exploded i n her mind.

How could this have happened?

She had carefully checked. The VIP consultation room did not have any surveillance cameras!

Where did Bonnie get the footage from?

Perhaps she noticed Fiona’s confusion, Bonnie laughed and said, “Since it’s the hospital’s VIP consultation room, that meant that those who went there were guests of the hospital. Do you think the hospital will treat the guests without using surveillance to capture everything about them, in case they have to take responsibility later?

“Also, it would be rude to openly place a surveillance camera on the guests, so the hospital had the surveillance hidden.“

Fiona was completely stunned. An alarm went off in her mind, it was so loud she could not think nor say anything.

At that time, she was too impatient. She could only check the surroundings to see if there were any obvious cameras. She forgot that the hospital would install hidden cameras because they were afraid of the guest’s emotions and fear of liability for accidents!

At that moment, all she did was being played for everyone to see by Bonnie.

Her burns were caused by her pouring water on herself. There was nothing more persuasive than this video.

Fiona closed her eyes.

At that moment, no matter what she said, it was useless already.

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