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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 916

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 916

Luna furrowed her brows and glared at Samson. Only then did he bite his lips and suppress his anger.

However, he still glared at Fiona with eyes full of loathing.

Fiona noticed the rage in Samson’s eyes, yet she pretended as if she did not see it. She blinked her eyes innocently.

“Ms. Luna, Ms. Craig, everyone is not listening to me, what should I do?“

“It’s fine if they don’t listen to you.“

Bonnie chuckled, “All they need to do is trust the evidence.“

Then, she directly gave Zayne a look and passed him a flash drive.

Zayne immediately understood and connected the flash drive to the computer and opened the files.


Bonnie smiled and said arrogantly, “As for the truth of those videos. I will provide you with an answer.“

The crowd who had been screaming about boycotting Luna did not listen to her at all.

“Everyone knows that you and Luna are a team! “

“Yes! You almost gave Luna the Craig Group! Don’t think we don’t know about that! “

The crowd was extremely agitated. No one wanted to listen to Bonnie.

Bonnie bit her lips hard. She wanted to retort angrily when Fiona interrupted her.

She bit her lips. Her voice was extremely weak and gentle.

“Everyone, please listen to Ms. Craig, have a look at her evidence. What if Ms. Luna is really wrongfully blamed? Don’t offend Luna and the third richest person in Banyan City because of me.“

On the surface, Fiona was trying to pacify the agitated crowd, but in fact, she was adding fuel to the fire, infuriating the crowd even more.

Fiona deliberately mentioned that Bonnie was the third richest person in Banyan City so that everyone would think that Bonnie would use her power and money to suppress her.

As expected.

Upon Fiona’s words, the crowd was even more in an uproar.

Everyone’s anger was at its peak.

Some even started throwing water bottles and shoes on stage.

Amidst the chaos, Luna, who had not said anything all this while, took a deep breath and stood up.

She smiled at the angry crowd below the stage. “I understand your anger, but since my friend

brought evidence here, I hope all of you can have a look. If the evidence is insufficient, you can add on another crime of me falsifying evidence and lying to

the public, right?

Upon what Luna said, the noise of the angry crowd started to die down a little.

Noticing that some of the crowd was being convinced by Luna, Fiona pursed her lips.

“Yes, I suggest that all of you calm down. Look at the evidence that Ms. Craig brought over. Let’s see what she says, but…“

Fiona bit her lips and turned to look at Luna.

“If Ms. Blake’s evidence could not clear Ms. Luna’s name and could not prove that I schemed against Ms. Luna…

“The both of you should publicly apologize to me, right?“

Then, the man behind Fiona stood up and sneered.

“How is apologizing enough? Luna has to kneel in front of Ms. Blake and beg for forgiveness. She should not have treated Ms. Blake that way! She should not have hurt Ms. Blake! Also, she should admit her bad character and retire from the jewelry design industry forever! “

Upon that man’s words, the entire crowd was silenced.

To get a leader of the industry to apologize to a newcomer and to announce her resignation from the career that she loves…

This punishment was too harsh.

“Rory! What nonsense are you talking about?“

Fiona pretended to be anxious and turned around to glare at the man.

”Ms. Luna, don’t listen to Rory’s nonsense. Such a talent like you, how could you… ”

Looking at Fiona’s teary eyes, Luna smiled. ”I’ll agree to it.”

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