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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 907

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 907

“That’s bullying! “

After Fiona left, Shannon came into Luna’s office. Looking at the script Fiona sent it, Shannon was indignant.

“She could have clearly done it herself! Even if she could not do it, she could get a secretary to do it!

You’re the Director of Design. Why should you do it for her?“

Then, Shannon lifted her head and looked at Luna.

“By the way, Director Luna, isn’t your true identity the great designer Moon? With your fame, a lot of the international jury members at the competition tomorrow should recognize you, right? Do you want to use your original identity to get them to let the Lynch Group lose?“

The more Shannon spoke the more she felt that it was a great idea.

“If you can’t win, you should not let Fiona win too! “ Luna smiled and shook her head helplessly.

“Other than Fiona and me in the team, there are eight other people. They have been working hard for the past half a month. Should I let all of their efforts go to waste just because of my personal feud with Fiona?“

Luna could not do it.

“Forget about it.“ Luna took a deep breath and picked the script up. She started editing it.

“This is not the first time I have been bullied by Joshua. I don’t care anymore.“

Looking at Luna, Shannon felt sorry.

Coming out from Luna’s office, Shannon hesitated for a while. In the end, she still walked to Joshua’s office.

She knew that she should not look for Joshua with her lowly job status.

However, Shannon also thought that since she and Joshua were distant relatives.

What if…

What if he actually listened to her?

However, Shannon did not expect that the moment she was outside Joshua’s office and before she could knock, she heard Lucas’ voice coming inside.

“Sir, Ms. Blake’s illness is quite stable for the time being. The doctor said that he had prescribed her medication to stabilize her moods. She should be able to handle the competition tomorrow.“

Then, Joshua’s cold and low voice rang in the office. “What about the others?“

“Are you talking about her terminal illness? The doctors have not found any special medication for her. Ms. Blake should only have…a year remaining to live.“

Shannon’s eyes widened. Her hand that was about to knock on the door stopped in mid-air.

Fiona has a terminal illness and she only has a year left to live?

Shannon was shocked for a long time. In the end, she did not muster enough courage to knock on Joshua’s door.

However, since Fiona only has a year left to live, if Luna were to hold on longer and remained in Banyan City for another year, perhaps her relationship with Joshua could be repaired?

At that thought, Shannon instantly turned around and ran downstairs back to Luna’s office. She wanted to tell Luna the good news.

Perhaps, Joshua only treated Fiona so nicely because Fiona was a terminal illness patient!

However, when Shannon barged into Luna’s office, Luna had already edited the script for Fiona and left.

It was Fiona sitting in Luna’s office.

She sat on where Luna sat previously, leaning back. As if the office belonged to her.

Looking at Shannon entering, Fiona smiled. “Shannon,  say, do you think sitting here suits me?“

Shannon’s excited heart was instantly disheartened. She simply praised Fiona for a few sentences with a cold expression before turning around and leaving.

Coming out from the office, Shannon anxiously called Luna. “Director Luna, I think there are still things to salvage between you and President Lynch! “

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