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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 906

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 906

“Banyan City is not where President Calvin the organizer stays, it is also not where the committee is from. Also, Banyan City has never organized such a competition, they have no experience in this at all, so why did they choose to have it here?“

Luna furrowed her brows hard upon Fiona’s question.

All this while, she had been busy preparing design sketches according to the topic and demands of the competition. She never ever thought of that question.

However, when Fiona brought it up at that moment, she could not help but suspect it too.


No matter what, Banyan City should not be the organizers’ first choice.

“It’s because of me.“

Looking at the confusion in Luna’s eyes, Fiona laughed even more smugly.

“Joshua wanted me to take part in the competition, yet he does not want me to be too far away from him. So, he deliberately contacted President Calvin and invested in another company of his. He got President Calvin to go against everyone’s opinion to hold the competition at Banyan City.“

Then, Fiona looked at Luna and smirked. “Say, don’t you think Joshua is so thoughtful?

Actually, he has done so much for me because of what I said before. I am now a staff of the jewelry design department. If I became the champion of that international competition, I would become a qualified designer.

“I never would have thought that Joshua would do so much after hearing me say that. I’m truly touched. When I lead the team to be champions tomorrow and after I will become Banyan City’s most dazzling woman…

“I will prepare to have children with Joshua. For a man that loves me so much, I should give him a few more children, don’t you think?“

Then, Fiona stood up relaxedly amidst Luna’s darkened expressions.

“Look at me, we’re fast friends, Ms. Luna. I initially just wanted to randomly chat with you, yet we talked for so long. The main reason I came here is about tomorrow’s competition.

“Maybe I speak faster than you. The script you gave me for the design concept would not be able to last me for half an hour.“

Fiona blinked at Luna.

“Add something into the script and flourish it. It’s now eight -thirty. Hand it to me by ten, I’m sure you could do it, right?“

Luna narrowed her eyes, saying nothing. “You can definitely do it.“

Fiona chuckled lightly. She said while leaving, “I’ll go get busy first. Remember to hand it in by ten. Sigh.

It’s exhausting being the person in charge…“

Luna sat in her chair and looked at Fiona leaving. She fiercely squinted her eyes.

When her door was closed. She immediately turned on her computer and checked the news regarding the relationship between President Calvin and Joshua.

It turned out like what Fiona said.

Joshua and President Calvin do have business dealings.

All the expenses of the competition organizing committee coming to Banyan City were taken care of by a small overseas company.

The small company belonged to Joshua.

When Luna saw the news, she felt her heart sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Fiona was right. Joshua did specially prepare the competition for her.

However, Joshua should know that Luna was someone who had no skills in design.

Since he spent so much effort getting the organizing committee to move the competition here, he must have thought of a way to make Fiona a champion.

A horrifying thought appeared in Luna’s mind.

She closed her eyes. Her hand which was holding onto the mouse started trembling.

That meant that, from the beginning, Joshua had been using her.

He deliberately forced her with an agreement, getting her to lead the team in this competition, then forcefully finding a reason to get Fiona into her team.

Then, he got Fiona to stir trouble up before the competition, so Fiona could replace Luna as the leader at the very last minute.

That way, his beloved Ms. Blake would be able to get the honors that did not belong to her.

It was summertime, yet Luna’s heart was extremely cold, sitting in the office.

Joshua Lynch had been using her from the beginning!

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