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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 904

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 904

Nigel’s doctor also expressed that Nigel was recovering well. He should not show any signs of rejection anymore. Nigel would only get healthier from then onward.

At that moment, she also received the good news of Nellie’s recovery.

Thus, on the way to work, she even bought candy and chocolates, wanting to share her excitement with others.

Nigel and Nellie were recovered.

This was the best news she has received after Neil’s death!

Luna went to the office with excitement. However, when she arrived, she realized that the design department had changed to a completely different look.

The moment she entered she heard voices coming from Fiona’s desk.

“Ms. Blake, here is the tea I brewed! “

“Ms. Blake, I have completed the form you asked for.“

“Ms. Blake, is there anything else you need help with?“

Almost everyone in the office was surrounding Fiona, serving her.

The members of staff that used to be attentive to Luna pretended that they did not see her when Luna arrived.

Not only did they do that, even when they saw her, but they would also turn their heads away, pretending to not see her. They would not even greet her.

Luna was instantly disheartened.

However, she was not really angry. After all, she had a bad reputation at that moment. Her position was even replaced by Fiona at Joshua’s insistence.

There was nothing Luna could complain about their attitude.

However, there was no need for her to share the candy and chocolate that she bought already.

Luna took a deep breath and entered her own office. Not long after, Samson, Zayne, and Arianna came in. They pushed her door open at the same time.

“Ms. Luna, what is going on?“

Samson furrowed his brows. “It’s less than two days until the competition, yet they replaced you with Fiona. What the hell is Joshua Lynch thinking?“

Zayne was calm as usual.

“I think Mr. Lynch wants to give the honors of the leader to Ms. Blake. After all, Ms. Luna is leaving soon. He needs to make his girlfriend famous so that after Ms. Luna leaves, the Lynch Group would still have a famous designer.“

“However, Fiona has nothing to do with these designs! How could they be so shameless! “

“Softer, those people outside are all Fiona’s b*tches now. It’ll be bad if they overheard us…“

Looking at them being indignant for her, Luna could not help but smile.

She grabbed a handful of candy and chocolate and placed them on her desk.

“Have some.“

The three of them stopped bickering. Arianna looked at Luna, stunned.

“Ms. Luna, y-you…offering us candy? There is nothing worth being happy about…“

“But, there are.“

Luna smiled and told the three of them about Nigel and Nellie’s recent condition. Then, she chuckled lightly.

“Samson, Zayne, I forbid you all to quit from the team, because you have put in hard work in this work too. If all of you quit, then everything would be Fiona’s.“

Zayne and Samson, who had been going on and on about quitting, finally quieted down.

After a while, they sighed dejectedly. “We will work hard on the competition.“ “Hmm.“

Luna smiled and cheered them on.

“I will be there live to see you receive your prizes in tomorrow’s competition. You can do it.”

When the three of them left, Luna organized her desk while munching on candy.

She had been too busy for the past half a month, her desk was messier than the bin.

She had not finished clearing up when her office door was pushed open once again.

This time, it was Fiona entering arrogantly.

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