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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 903

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 903

The next morning, when Luna woke up, she had a splitting headache.

She did not even remember how she returned home from the bar.

She only remembered Christian saying he wanted to take her to release some stress, then they went to a bar…

After that, she had no memory of it at all. “Mommy.“

Nellie carried a bowl of soup. She passed the bowl to Luna and could not help but pursed her lips.

“You shouldn’t drink that much in the future. Christian had to take care of you at home until late at night.“

Luna immediately took over the soup and drank it down.

After her headache was slightly relieved, she thanked Nellie while furrowing her brows.

“Why is there only you? Where is Nigel?“

Ever since Neil passed away, Nigel and Nellie made a pact that no matter where they go or what they do, they would do it together.

Why was Nellie alone that day? “Nigel is still sleeping.“

Nellie pursed her lips. “Last night, when Christian was here taking care of you, Nigel was afraid that Christian might take advantage of you, so he secretly woke up and monitored him. He only returned to bed when Christian left.“

Luna was a little guilty upon listening to what Nellie said.

Luna pursed her lips and got down from the bed. “ I’ll go see him.“

Nellie pursed her lips. Maybe she did not want Luna to feel so guilty, she could not help but say, “When Neil was around, he would always tell us that we three are your strongest shield. We have to learn

how to protect you. So, Mommy, don’t blame yourself. These are things we should do as your children.“

Luna felt even guiltier upon Nellie’s words.

When she gave birth to the three of them, Luna swore that she would protect them well.

However, at that moment…

Not only did she not protect Neil, but she even went out drinking late at night because she was in a bad mood. She also got Nigel, who just had a bone marrow transplant and had not fully recovered, to stay up late at night because of her…

Luna entered Nigel’s room.

Nigel was quietly sleeping on the small bed. On the nightstand next to his bed, there was even the coding that Nigel wanted to crack his own virus with. Page after page, densely filled with coding.

Luna walked over and gently combed her fingers through Nigel’s hair. She suddenly felt as if the disappointment of being replaced and unable to partake in the competition was nothing much.

She had the best children in the entire world. She was the luckiest woman.

At that thought, Luna gently covered Nigel up. Then, she turned and carried Nellie and kissed her on the cheek.

Luna carried Nellie to the corridors and closed the door of Nigel’s room. Then, she said to Nellie seriously.

“I’ll promise that I will never go out drinking late at night because I’m in a bad mood anymore.“

She said while raising her hand up with fingers pointing to the sky.

“I swear.“

Nellie pursed her lips and immediately lifted her hand to cover Luna’s mouth.

“Mommy, you don’t have to swear. You can’t let it out if you’re in a bad mood. Being concerned for you is what we should do too.“

Then, she smiled, clutched Luna’s face, and pecked on her cheeks.

“We’re family, you never once complained while taking care of us. We won’t either.“

Luna pursed her lips and excitedly hugged Nellie in her arms. She felt extremely moved.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Just when Luna and Nellie were hugging each other, applause came from the staircase.

It was Nellie’s therapist.

She just witnessed Nellie and Luna’s conversation and the way they hugged each other. She could not help but applaud.

“It looks like Nellie has almost recovered fully! As expected, being concerned for loved ones and accompanying them is the best way to recover from a psychological trauma!”

Upon hearing what the doctor said, Luna was surprised and delighted. She hugged Nellie and kissed her a few more times before letting her go. Luna got the doctor to the side and discussed Nellie’s condition with her seriously.

When she heard that Nellie was almost fully recovered, she was even more excited than ever.

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