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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 899

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 899

When the clock struck 11, Luna finished giving her statement.

She and Christian were sitting together with the youths they had fought.

Looking at each one of them calling their parents to bail them out, Luna was troubled.

Who was she going to get to bail her and Christian out?

It was almost 11 at night, and Anne and Bonnie must have been asleep already. Shannon and Arianna would not be awake, too.

Samson or Zayne might have the time, but…Luna thought that it was rather embarrassing to get them to bail her out.

Just when she was in a dilemma about what to do, a policeman entered.

“Luna, Christian Moore, someone is here to bail you out. You two can go.“

Luna furrowed her brows and subconsciously looked at Christian.

Christian looked stumped, too. “I didn’t contact anyone.“

Both of them followed the policeman with an innocent expression.

The moment they exited, they saw a tall man standing in the corridors. He was in an ash-gray- colored trench coat, his expression so fierce that it was terrifying.

Upon seeing them, Joshua swept a cold glance at Christian, then he looked at Luna.

“Going out racing and fighting with others so late at night. You sure are turning younger.“

Luna rolled her eyes at him.

“I ‘ve been working non-stop for half a month. Now that I don’t have anything to do, can’t I relax a little bit?“

Joshua harrumphed coldly. “What you mean by relaxing is racing and fighting with nineteen -year- old kids?“

“Of course,“ Luna sneered. “Compared to you being in a relationship with the twenty-year-old Ms. Blake, me fighting and racing with nineteen -year-olds is already considered much more reserved.“

Looking at how tense it was between the two of them, Christian gently cleared his throat and stood in between Joshua and Luna.

He smiled. “Hey, Uncle, how did you know we were at the police station?“

Joshua rolled his eyes. “You posted on your social media. Have you forgotten about it?“

Christian was stunned before it hit him. He secretly took a photo of Luna. It looked great, so he posted it on his social media. Who knew that Joshua would stumble upon it?

Christian smiled.

“Who would’ve thought that you’d scroll through social media when you’re bored, too? I thought that a busy person like you— “

“I am usually very busy. It’s just that I was running lines with Fiona. I was bored, so I browsed through it a little.“

The expressions on Luna’s face stiffened a little.

It was already 11 at night. Joshua was actually still running lines with Fiona?

Was he trying to say that Fiona was professional, or was he trying to express that their love was stronger than a diamond?

Joshua replied to Christian, who tried to pacify the situation, curtly in a mere few sentences. At that instant, Christian did not know what he should say further.

Thankfully, the three of them reached the parking lot soon.

“Get in the car.“ Joshua calmly pointed to his car and said, “I’ll send you back.“

Luna furrowed her brows.

“I’ll get Christian to send me back.“

Joshua’s expression instantly darkened upon Luna’s words.

How long had Luna known Christian? She affectionately called him by his first name, too.

Joshua looked at Luna coldly.

“Your place isn’t on the way for him.”

“He’ll still send me back, even if it’s not on the way.”

Then, Luna turned to look at Christian and said, “ Send me home.”

Christian pursed his lips and immediately nodded.

“Okay, okay! Get in the car.” Then, he wanted to take his car keys out of his pocket when he realized his car keys were not there.

Christian slapped his forehead.

“I think I left my keys in the police station. Wait for me!”

Then, he immediately turned and ran as fast as he could back to the police station.

Looking at Christian leaving insolently, Joshua smiled coldly.

“Didn’t you always dislike such unsophisticated people? Have your tastes in men changed?”

Luna furrowed her brows and sneered. “Why, can’t I?”

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