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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 897

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 897

Luna initially thought that Christian taking her for a ride meant that the hood of the convertible would be down and they would be on the circumferential highway, experiencing the night breeze.

She never expected for him to speed when they got to the highway.

This was a speed that Luna had never imagined before.

She felt as if her body was not her own. Her heart was beating so hard that it almost broke through her ribcage!

Luna grabbed onto the door handle and turned to look at Christian.

“Slow down! “

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry! “ Christian smiled. “You can only relax like that! “

Then, he sped up once again.

The night breeze harshly blew by, and Luna’s hair fluttered with the wind. Under the intense excitement, Luna actually started to adapt to it. She calmed down a little.

In the end, she was even enjoying the thrill such extreme speed brought to her.

“It feels great, doesn’t it?“

Seeing how she was not so against it, Christian chuckled a little.

“Doesn’t it feel like all your stress has been released?“

Luna nodded. It was true. Under such extreme sports, she felt as if all of her stress and the pressure she was under had vanished instantly.

Alas, good things would not last forever.

By the third round, a group of young people started chasing after them.

Luna could clearly see from the rearview mirror that the people driving those cars were as young as Christian.

In every car, every young boy had an equally young girl with them.

Luna furrowed her brows and looked at Christian. “Forget about it. Let’s go home.“

She felt that all of her stress had been released. If they stayed there and continued racing, there might be trouble.

“What are you afraid of?“

Christian knew very well what Luna was worried about.

He wanted to speed up when his car was forced to stop by the other cars.

“Bro, are you taking your chick for a ride as well? Did no one tell you that we own this place after ten at night?“

Christian laughed. “Is that so? Perhaps you guys aren’t that famous after all. I really haven’t heard of you.“ “You…! “

The person who spoke furrowed his brows. He wanted to say something else when another thuggish

-looking young man got down from the car.

He rudely sized Luna up while smiling provocatively at Christian.

“Why don’t we race?“

Christian was still young and liked to compete for power. How could he refuse such a request?

“Sure! “ He smiled and added, “If I win, you guys go back to where you came from.“

“What if you lose?“

Christian laughed and looked at the other modified sports car.

“If I lose, I’ll give this ten-million-dollar car to you guys. How does that sound?“

The eyes of those thugs instantly reddened! Christian was about to give a car worth tens of millions of dollars to them!

“Bring it on! “

The young men all went back to their cars and got ready.

Luna furrowed her brows and looked at Christian. “ Have you gone nuts?“

Did he not say he was poor previously and wanted Joshua to invest? All of a sudden, he was willing to bet on a ten-million-dollar sports car?

Were all young people that crazy?

Christian smiled. “Relax. I dare gamble that much to prove that I’m confident in winning.”

Then, he lowered his gaze and buckled Luna up. “Sit tight.”

With the whistle of the female referee, Christian’s car was the first one to speed forth manically.

The speed this time was much faster than before. The wind was much sharper, too.

Luna could only hold onto the handle tightly. She looked at the other cars from the rearview mirror while feeling the huge air pressure.

Each of the cars was at least a few dozen to a few hundred meters away from Christian.

Soon, Christian finished a lap.

Christian got down in a relaxed manner. He turned back to look at the others, who were so furious that their faces turned blue.

“I won.”

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