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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 889

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 889

Outside the booth in the corridors, Luna was surrounded by onlookers, backed up to the corner of the wall.

Some were insulting her, some were jeering, and some even threw things at her.

The corridors were blocked and filled to the brim with people.

Joshua furrowed his brows. He immediately strode over.

At that moment, Luna silently leaned against the wall with a flat gaze. Her face was devoid of any emotion.

Her once lively eyes dimmed and lost their brightness. She was like a soulless rag doll.

She seemed to have not heard the noises and the insults made by the surrounding people.

Her light -colored clothes were stained with coffee and eggs. Her hair was in a mess. Her clothes were also torn and crumpled up by the pushing and shoving from the crowd.

Her emotionless expression had a sort of otherworldly, ethereal beauty.

Joshua’s heart fiercely skipped a beat upon the scene in front of him.

He furrowed his brows and roughly pushed the crowd aside. He rushed right toward Luna’s side and protected her in his arms. “Are you alright?“

Upon seeing Joshua, Luna’s eyes finally had some light to them.

She smiled, one laced with ridicule, and came out of his arms coldly.

“Mr. Lynch, shouldn’t you look for your darling Ms. Blake and celebrate right now? Why are you here?“

Joshua furrowed his brows fiercely.

“If I didn’t come, should I have just let you be insulted and bullied by others?

“No matter what, you’re still a staff of the Lynch Group. I can’t just sit and watch you get bullied by others! “

Joshua was serious, but Luna laughed instead. She laughed exaggeratedly.

“Is that so? Mr. Lynch, you speak so righteously. If I’ve never seen your true colors, I’d still believe you, Mr. Lynch.“

Luna lifted her gaze and looked at Joshua coldly.

“Mr. Lynch, haven’t you just sat and watched me get bullied by others before?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes hard.

He knew that Luna was referring to her being bullied by Yvonne Walter and her husband at the market before Nigel’s bone marrow transplant. She almost got beaten up by them.

“This is different than the last time! “

Of course, he did not just sit and watch back then. If it were not for him seeing Christian going over to help and Fiona’s sickness flaring up, he would not just sit and do nothing!

Luna raised her eyebrows.

“How is it different?“ Then, Luna pretended as if she suddenly thought of something.

“Oh, you’re right. This time is different from the last. Last time, Ms. Blake was by your side. This time, she’s not here.“

Luna chuckled and said, “So, Mr. Lynch, whether you could stand up to protect your staff depends on whether your girlfriend, Ms. Blake, is with you or not. Is that it?“

Luna’s mockery made Joshua’s face turn a little pale. “Still, I don’t need it.“

Luna sneered and stood back to where she was standing by the wall. She swept a nonchalant glance a t the crowd.

“Do you still want to continue? Tell me when you have enough. I need to go home and take a shower. I want to rest.“

Then, Luna swept Joshua a cold glance.

“After all, I’m relieved of my duties, and I’m free. I can afford to waste my time with all of you. I also have the time to rest.“

For the past half a month, she had been busy as a bee. She only slept for four to five hours every night. She worked hard, trying to perfect her work for the competition.

At that moment, there were only two days left to the competition, yet she was kicked out of the team that she single-handedly built.

Compared to how much Joshua had hurt her, the insults and things that were thrown at her at that moment were nothing.

Seeing how wretched Luna looks, Joshua’s heart squeezed violently.

He narrowed his eyes. He was about to say something when a shrill voice came from the crowd. “My god! That’s Joshua Lynch, right?”

Someone recognized Joshua.

Following the voice, the crowd immediately shifted their attention from Luna to Joshua.

“It is him! “

“Strange. Why would Joshua Lynch be with Luna? Why was he protecting her just now?”

“Didn’t Luna hurt his girlfriend? Why is he still helping Luna?”

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