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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 884

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 884


It was not that she did not let Fiona partake in it. She gave Fiona some work in embellishing tiny details, but Fiona’s skill was terrible. She could not even do it properly.

Luna could only let her run some simple errands.

“There’s no need to explain.“ President Calvin sighed. “I ‘ll contact Mr. Lynch of Lynch Group on this matter. We’ll investigate your team’s problem. If it was like what they said, that Ms. Blake didn’t join in any of the core work, we’ll cancel your right to participate in the competition.“

Then, he turned and left.

The others looked at Luna condescendingly while packing up and leaving.

Luna remained in the same spot. She felt something explode in her mind.

All this while, she had been confused why Fiona— who had been prepared to ruin the competition— would be so obedient recently, other than heading to her office the day before.

Luna truly thought that it was because Fiona wanted her to earn the money for Joshua and leave as soon as possible.

However, she did not expect that… Fiona’s schemes were all here.

Fiona knew the rules of the competition, so she deliberately exposed Luna’s so-called terrible deeds in front of everyone during the meeting that day, to get the organizer to try to disqualify her from the competition.

However, if she were to be disqualified from the competition, what did she work so hard for all this while?

Was all of her team members’ hard effort, who had been working day and night, all to waste?


Zayne’s low voice rang in her ears.

Luna came to her senses and realized that only she, Samson,  and Zayne were left  in the meeting room.

“Fiona did it on purpose! “ Samson was infuriated. “

The competition is about to start. How dare she make things up to stir trouble! “

Luna closed her eyes and sighed. She wanted to say something when her phone rang.

It was from Anne.

“Luna! Go online now! You’ve been named! The entire internet is cursing you right now! “

Luna was stunned. She immediately snatched Samson’s phone and opened Tweeter.

Everyone was insulting and overwhelmingly cursing her.

Someone posted a video of what happened in the meeting room a moment ago.

It was followed by a series of videos.

Some were of Joshua asking Luna to apologize in the cafeteria the night before, but Luna refused.

Some were of Luna scalding Fiona aloofly in the office.

There were also videos of Luna forcing Fiona and Charmaine to apologize and write a review in the office half a month ago.

The videos came one after another.

In each of the videos, Fiona was so lowly and humble that it was heartbreaking.

On the contrary, Luna was aloof and heartless in every video.

Someone even interviewed the doctor that treated Fiona’s burns.

In the video, the doctor agitatedly expressed that after Fiona was burned, the first thing she did was to defend Luna!

At that moment, everyone was infuriated. Everyone was cursing Luna online.

Luna saw the videos again and again. Finally, she smiled mockingly.

She still remembered that she thought Fiona would complain to Joshua, yet she never did.

It turned out that Fiona had been scheming since then and had waited for that day.

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