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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 880

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 880

“Was she the one who scalded Ms. Blake with her coffee?“

“Yes. I heard that Ms. Blake’s burns were so severe that her abdomen was covered entirely in blisters. How terrifying! Despite that, Ms. Blake didn’t blame her for anything.“

“Not only did Ms. Blake forgive her, but she even asked President Lynch not to reprimand Luna for this. Apparently, she didn’t want to cause any conflict or rifts between them because of the upcoming jewelry design contest.“

“Do you think President Lynch will chew her out after the competition is over?“

“Who knows? Even though she’s a talented designer, she’s not a good person at all…“

That night, while Luna and the rest were eating dinner at the company cafeteria, they overheard the murmurs and whispers of employees all around them.

Samson immediately furrowed his brows upon hearing this. He slammed his fork down on the table forcefully and growled, “How dare they spread lies like this! “

Luna, on the other end, frowned slightly and reached out her hand to stop him. “Don’t cause us any trouble.“

After witnessing how Joshua had managed to delete the messages from Charmaine’s phone without flinching, Luna no longer felt like getting involved with Joshua and Fiona anymore.

She wanted to focus on the competition and fulfill her promise to Joshua of bringing in ten million dollars revenue for the company and abide by their contract.

After that, she was free to take Nigel and Nellie away from this wretched city.

Nigel and Nellie had been pestering her about finding Neil lately and even claimed that he was somewhere in the mountains.

Even though Luna did not believe their words, she still promised them that she would bring them to find Neil. Luna did not want to take the children’s freedom away from them. Instead, she wanted to let them know that they were free to do whatever they wanted.

Even if they did not manage to find him, it would be a great opportunity to get some fresh air.

Seeing how Luna was trying to pretend nothing had happened, Samson could not help feeling angry for her. He clenched his teeth and glanced at her. “You didn’t use to be so timid.“

“Well, I am now.“ Luna chuckled. She picked up her food tray, but before she could make it to the tray recycling section, she bumped into Joshua and Fiona, who had appeared at the cafeteria entrance, holding hands.

Fiona gently laid her head against Joshua’s shoulder and said, “I don’t think we have to eat at fancy restaurants all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to eat at a place like your company cafeteria. It feels a lot more down-to-earth, don’t you think?“

Joshua nodded impassively. “Yes.“

Then, he lifted his head, only to come face-to-face with Luna.

The two locked eyes with each other.

There was a hint of contempt in Luna’s eyes, while Joshua’s were etched with coldness and indifference.

Luna had been busy preparing for the competition lately, while Joshua had been away on business trips. This was the first time that they had bumped into each other after what happened with Charmaine.

Joshua furrowed his brows as he continued to stare at Luna’s face.

In the two weeks that he had not seen her, Joshua noticed that she had lost some weight. Her face looked exhausted, and not even her foundation could conceal the bags underneath her eyes.

Joshua could tell that she was tired and stressed out from the upcoming competition.

Fortunately for Luna, there were only three days left until she was free.

“Joshua?“ Seeing that Joshua was not moving, Fiona frowned and glanced in the direction he was looking.

As soon as her gaze fell on Luna, a flicker of disdain flashed through her eyes. However, a split second later, she regained her composure.

Fiona curled her lips into a smile. “Hello, Ms. Luna. “

Luna immediately came to and gave her an aloof smile in return. “I didn’t expect to run into Mr. Lynch and Ms. Blake in the company cafeteria.“

Fiona smiled, causing her eyes to crinkle up into crescent moons. “I wanted to have a more down-to- earth dining experience, so I asked Joshua to accompany me here. “ Then, she extended a warm invitation to Luna. “Have you eaten, Ms. Luna? Care to join us for a cup of coffee? My treat.“

“No, thanks. “ Luna scoffed, then circled past them, heading in the direction of the tray recycling station.

However, just as she brushed past Fiona, she suddenly felt someone bump into her, causing the tray she was holding to fly out of her hands.

The leftover food in Luna’s tray moved through the air, heading right in Fiona’s direction.

Fiona let out a cry of shock and tried to dart away but could not do so in time. Before she could react, her white shirt had been splattered  with food remains.

The food tray landed on the floor with a  loud thud.

Fiona dabbed at her shirt, wailing at the same time, “ This is the second shirt I put on today…“

Joshua fixated his icy gaze on Luna. “Did you do that on purpose?“

He decided to give Luna the benefit of the doubt and believe that what happened this afternoon was a mere accident.

How was she supposed to explain this? Was it truly a coincidence that she spilled food on Fiona twice that day?

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