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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 873

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 873

“Is that so?“ Fiona blinked innocently at Charmaine. “When have I ever asked you to make Ms. Luna’s life difficult? Why would I even do that? Ms. Luna is Joshua’s favorite employee. She’s brought in significant revenue for Lynch Group, and she’s the star member of our team for the upcoming jewelry design contest.“

Charmaine clenched her teeth. “That’s because you’re jealous of her! You’re afraid that she might steal Joshua from you! “

“What are you talking about? Do you think Joshua would fall for anyone just like that? “ Fiona scoffed, then turned to smile at Luna. “Don’t you agree, Ms. Luna?“

Luna, who watched all this unfold with a hint of amusement, did not plan on getting involved in this drama between Fiona and Charmaine. Fiona had singled her out, however, and she knew Fiona was trying to get under her skin, so she curled her lips into a smirk and replied, “Of course. Ms. Blake is such a beautiful woman, and you and Mr. Lynch are such a sweet couple. Don’t you think you’re perfectly capable of keeping Mr. Lynch under control and reining him in from all his lustful pursuits?“

Fiona’s expression darkened as soon as she heard this. She pursed her lips and was about to say something in response when Charmaine whipped out her phone and declared, “She’s not worried about Joshua falling for anyone else? Oh, please!

That’s the only thing she ever talks about! She’s constantly scared that Mr. Lynch would fall for Ms. Luna, so she ordered me to make her life difficult! ”

With that, Charmaine pulled up the chat history between her and Fiona and handed her phone to Joshua. ”Look at this, Mr. Lynch ! Fiona’s the one behind everything ! She specifically ordered me to bully Ms. Luna and make her life difficult! ”

Joshua furrowed his brows and glanced at Lucas, who was standing to one side, impassively.

Lucas immediately stepped forward and took the phone from Charmaine , then proffered it to Joshua.

Joshua let go of Fiona to flip through pages and pages of Charmaine and Fiona’s chat history, frowning all the while.

Charmaine could not help adding in indignation, ” Fiona’s been jealous of Ms. Luna since the start.

That’s why she tried countless times to make her life as difficult as possible!

”She deliberately poured hot coffee on Arianna, then tried to cause a misunderstanding by pouring vitamin powder into Luna’s drink. I was the one who helped her; that’s why she was able to get the timing right and ended up getting misunderstood ! It’s all part of her plan!

”Mr. Lynch, you have to see her for who she truly is!” Charmaine snarled through gritted teeth as Joshua continued to look through the phone.

Meanwhile, Luna could not fight back her sneer. She knew everything that happened, even before Charmaine came clean with the truth. However, she

was still curious to see…

She was curious to see how Joshua could possibly find an excuse to explain Fiona’s behavior, with Charmaine exposing her in front of so many people. Luna had an inkling of what was about to happen.

She knew Joshua would somehow find a way to excuse Fiona’s behavior. She even guessed that he would probably delete the evidence while scrolling through Charmaine’s phone so no one else would be able to read them.

Luna’s guess was somewhat correct.

After a moment, Joshua lifted his head and handed the phone back to Charmaine. “Is this the so-called evidence you were talking about? It looks like a normal chat to me.“

Charmaine furrowed her brows and snatched the phone from Joshua.

What she saw on her screen rendered her utterly speechless.

The chat history that she had meticulously saved had been replaced by some ordinary texts between her and Fiona.

Charmaine was wide-eyed with shock. How was this possible?

She had always been wary of Fiona, which was why she had deliberately saved these texts as proof, but what had happened to them? Who deleted and replaced them with ordinary, harmless messages?

As soon as she thought of this, Charmaine glanced at Fiona, who had been standing behind Joshua all this while.

Fiona gave her an eerie grin.

Charmaine immediately realized what had happened. It turned out she was not the only one who was wary of her companion. Fiona, too, had prepared in advance for this.

“Charmaine, I’ve been nothing but kind to you. I never thought that you’d do this to me one day…” Fiona bit down on her lip and could not stop the tears from flowing down her face. She buried herself in Joshua’s arms and sobbed, “ Joshua, I’m so upset by this.”

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