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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 862

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 862

Fiona let out a sigh of relief, then immediately put on an expression of innocence. She lifted her hand to grab Joshua’s wrist gently. “Joshua, you’re hurting me. Actually… I didn’t mean to say that to Luna at all…“

She bit down on her lip and said in an upset tone, “ After we finished our meeting this morning, Luna pulled me aside after everyone had left and demanded to know what I told you when we were at Neil’s grave… She accused me of talking bad about her right in front of Neil’s grave… So I had no choice but to leak our conversation to her, just to prove I’m innocent…“

Tears started to well up in Fiona’s eyes as she continued, “Joshua, I didn’t do it on purpose… Luna was just too aggressive at that time, so I had no choice but to tell her everything… Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to prove my innocence… Please don’t get mad at me, will you?“

Fiona thought that this was a perfect excuse and that Joshua would believe her immediately.

To her surprise, he did not release her and even tightened his grip on her. He narrowed his eyes and zeroed in on Fiona’s face coldly. “I must’ve been too kind to you all this while. Do you truly think I’ll believe all of your lies?“

He flung her away forcefully and looked down at her from his towering height. “I know better than anyone what kind of person Luna is—I know that she won’t interrogate you out of jealousy. If you want to lie, try to find a better excuse in the future. “

The pale -faced Fiona picked herself up somewhat haggardly and muttered, “Joshua, I…“

Joshua closed his eyes and said in a low, hoarse voice, “As soon as this competition is over, Luna’s contract will be up, and she’ll be leaving Banyan City soon. I don’t want any harm to come her way during this time.“

He opened his eyes and shot Fiona an impassive glance. “I hope you learn to behave yourself.

Otherwise, I can’t promise that I ‘ll be able to stay with you till your life’s end.“

With that, Joshua strode out of the room.

Fiona laid on the sofa and watched him leave. She gritted her teeth in seething anger.

Finally, her gaze landed on the empty glass on the coffee table, and she clenched her fists.

She had added libido-enhancing medications to this glass of water, and she had also stained her clothes during lunch deliberately so she could bring Joshua home and let nature take its course!


Fiona bit down on her lip and closed her eyes.

This was the first time Joshua got mad at her ever since they started dating.

Maybe she was too impatient, but… Not only did she have Luna, Joshua’s ex-wife, to worry about, but Aura, his ex-fiancée, had returned to Banyan City as well.

How could she not worry about this? How could she be patient?

After coming out of Orchard Manor, Joshua drove to Lynch Group Tower and made a beeline to the design department.

When he entered the door, Luna had just regained her composure and was sitting in front of her easel, sketching a draft.

Sunlight seeped through the window onto her face, illuminating a few tendrils of hair around her face and giving them a faint, golden glow.

Watching the concentrated look on her face, Joshua was pulled into a memory that happened a few years ago.

At that time, when they had just gotten married, Luna would always sit quietly at home in this manner, immersed in her thoughts, right in front of her easel.

Every time this happened, he would step aside and let out a small cough. She would raise her head to grin at him and ask him all sorts of questions like, when did he arrive? Was he hungry? Was he thirsty? Did he need any help from her?

Although she looked completely different from back then, he still could not help but feel attracted by the gentleness and determination about her.

He walked toward her and said in a low voice, “Luna.“

Luna’s entire body stiffened when she heard his voice.

She turned around and fixated her cold gaze on the man standing next to her. A sneer played on her lips as she said, ”What are you doing here, Mr. Lynch? Aren’t you supposed to be with Ms. Blake? Did I say anything wrong to offend her? Is that why you’re here—to reprimand me?”

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