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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 852

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 852

Luna was right.

Besides Christian and Joshua, she did not have any other friends in Banyan City. It was already so late, Christian was not in Banyan City and Joshua was still in the hospital, his situation remained unknown…

She did not dare to ride a taxi by herself either. It was so late now, she was a beautiful girl, what if something happened?

Even though she was reluctant to do so, but asking Luna to send her home was her only choice now.

The engine revved into motion.

Fiona crossed her arms over her chest as she sat in the backseat of the car, sweeping her cold gaze over at Luna. “Don’t think I will be grateful to you because you sent me home.“

Luna curled her lips, switched into a comfortable position, and leaned back on her seat. “I don’t expect you to be grateful to me, just don’t do things that’ll upset me.”

Fiona rolled her eyes at her and said nothing.

“I ‘m actually quite curious.“ Luna closed her eyes and yawned. “Does Joshua owe you a debt that cannot be repaid, that’s why he obeys your every command like this?“

She had seen the other women beside Joshua, but Fiona was the first one who could make him behave like a madman.

Fiona could not help but smile at Luna’s words. “It’s true, he owes me a debt that he’ll never be able to repay for the rest of his life.“

She raised her head arrogantly and looked down on Luna coldly. “With me here, you just focus on your work, after you’re done, bring your children with you and scram. Joshua is mine! Now and forever! “

Luna narrowed her eyes. “How arrogant of you. The women before you were all so arrogant, but you saw what happened to them in the end.”

Fiona squinted her eyes, “I am different from them.” Luna sneered. “How different?”

“You will know in the future.“ Fiona mirrored Luna’s actions, resting her head on her arm, and sighed deeply. “I didn’t expect you would send me home. I didn’t think you would be so kind.”

Luna snorted coldly. “I didn’t do this out of the kindness of my heart. I was the one who organized tonight’s gathering. Since Joshua is not here, if I don’t send you home and you die during the journey, Joshua will not let me off the hook.”

Fiona paused at Luna’s words. A long while later, she smiled bitterly and said, “I thought you would take the opportunity to harm me during the journey.”

Luna did not have the strength nor energy to continue this conversation with her, merely saying, ” I am not interested in your life.”

Soon, the car arrived at the Orchard Manor.

The car slid to a stop, Fiona quickly thanked Luna then took her bag and slipped out of the car.

Looking at the woman’s retreating back, the driver frowned and could not help himself from commenting, “This woman is so annoying.“

Ms. Luna gave her a ride home out of the kindness of her heart and all throughout their journey, she was cold and sarcastic to her.

Luna curled her lips in a slight smile. “Ignore her, turn around, let’s head home.“

The driver nodded, and as soon as he turned the car around, he could not help but frown. “The road is blocked.”

Luna who was looking down at her phone furrowed her eyebrows and looked up, only to see two black Masevatis had blocked their way.

Luna recognized these two cars. One belonged to Jude Smith, while the other belonged to Joshua.

She curled her lips in a cold smile. He was discharged so soon?

At that moment, the Masevati’s car door opened, and a tall and lean man got out of the car, then walked slowly to the side of Luna’s car, and knocked lightly on the car door.

“Luna, come out. I need to talk to you.”

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