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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 851

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 851

At Luna’s question, Fiona sniffed and could not help but say pitifully, “I stayed here because Joshua wanted me to stay here on his behalf.“

She lifted her eyes that were red from her crying and looked at Luna. “Charmain and Arianna were beside me just now, they must have heard. Joshua said that hospitals are unlucky places, he asked me not to go.” She wiped at her tears as she spoke. “It looks like Ms. Luna doesn’t welcome me at all. If that’s the case, then I might as well go to the hospital with Joshua…“

At the woman’s words, Charmaine who was sitting beside her could not take it anymore and stood up. “ Fiona is right, just now Mr. Lynch did indeed ask Fiona to stay, he said he would be fine! “ As she spoke, she pulled at Arianna and asked, “You heard him too, right? You’re one of Luna’s cronies, she’ll definitely believe you! “

Charmaine’s actions when she yanked at Arianna were extremely rough, as a result, Arianna let out a small cry in pain.

Samson stood up hurriedly and wrenched Charmaine’s hand off of Arianna then tugged her into his arms protectively, shouting, “Charmaine! What are you going?! “

Charmaine rolled her eyes at him. “I just wanted Arianna to admit that she heard Mr. Lynch’s words, that’s it. Why are you so protective?“

Samson frowned and sneered. “You want Arianna to join wade in the dirty waters with you, dream on! “

From her position in his arms, Arianna pursed her lips and lowered her voice, saying timidly, “Just now. Before Mr. Lynch left, he did indeed tell Ms. Blake not to follow them and stay behind instead… He even said these drinks can’t do him any harm.“

After saying these, the little girl raised her head and looked at Luna wordlessly. “I heard him.“

“Now you’ll finally believe her?“ Charmaine snorted and said, “Mr. Lynch arranged for Fiona to stay behind. What right do you have to reprimand her for this?“

Luna narrowed her eyes slightly. She laughed lightly as she side-eyed Charmaine. “I didn’t reprimand her, I was just curious. Since Ms. Blake does not care about Mr. Lynch’s condition, then stay. Even though I am the one paying the bill tonight, I don’t mind Ms. Blake’s presence.“

With that, she shifted her eyes to Shannon and Bonnie. “Ask the reception to arrange for our food to be served, tonight no one is leaving this place sober! “

Shannon nodded then left with Bonnie to prepare.

Very soon, the food was served. Everyone gradually relaxed from their previous careful and cautious attitude, inhaling the food as if they had been starving for days.

After their meal, the waiters removed the table from the room and they even started singing and dancing.

The atmosphere in the room was bright and lively, almost close to losing control, more like a disco instead of a hotel.

After the clock struck at lo, the group of bright and energetic young people finally left under Luna’s endless nags.

Bonnie sent Shannon who was dead drunk home. Samson on the other hand, heaved Annie and stepped into a taxi.

After the crowd dispersed, only Fiona and Luna were left standing at the entrance to the hotel.

Bonnie arranged for a driver to send Luna home. The driver drove the car to the entrance and opened the car door respectfully. “Ms. Luna, this way please.“

With that, he took another look at Fiona who was standing beside Luna, and asked, “Is this your friend? Should we send her home too?“

“I’m not her friend.“ Fiona rolled her eyes, then lowered her head coldly and took out her phone, planning to make a call.

“Get in, “ Luna snorted, “Who else do you plan on calling to pick you up? Christian is back in his hometown; Joshua is in the hospital. In Banyan City, who else can you call to pick you up? Don’t tell me you plan on calling Marianne, whom you fired yourself?“

Fiona narrowed her eyes and side -eyed her coldly, then finally pulled the door open reluctantly and climbed into the backseat.

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