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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 850

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 850

“If he’s hospitalized…“

“If he’s hospitalized, then you should go take care of him, Ms. Blake. “ Luna smiled coldly, her indifferent eyes sweeping smoothly across the other woman’s face.

“Last time Joshua was hospitalized, you said you fell sick and refused to even leave your room. So as his girlfriend, all you did was visit him once, then for the rest of the time, I, his ex-wife, was the one who was caring for him. But the man who I poured my time and effort into taking care of drove straight to the Orchard Manor the moment he woke up, without even a word of thanks, just to carry you in his arms to the hospital for your operation. Now that your operation has been done, you wouldn’t fall so sick again that you can’t even leave your room right… “

She shifted her cold eyes onto Joshua and looked into his eyes. “It’s time you return everything that you owed me, am I right?“

Joshua could not help but smile bitterly to himself. Luna said he should return everything that he owed her. She was right, he should. But even if he spent his whole life repenting, he could not return everything that he owed her.

The man took a deep breath, ignored Fiona’s sobs, took the wine glass, and emptied it.

One after another.

Outside the door, Lucas watched the scene unfold in front of his eyes, so anxious he felt as if his heart was on fire. He even called an ambulance just in case.

Eight consecutive glasses. Joshua emptied them all. When the last cup was empty, Fiona was practically lying in a puddle of her own tears.

Luna sat in her spot with her heart aching in her chest.

This man…

He could really do anything for Fiona. He clearly knew he had problems with his stomach, he knew he had fallen unconscious not too long ago. But for Fiona…

He endured it all.

“Joshua…“ Fiona bit her lip, crying as she tugged at his arm. “I know you like me; I know you love me, but I didn’t know you would do so much for me…I…“

Joshua ignored her cries. He turned and glanced at Luna emotionlessly. “Are you happy now, Ms. Luna?“

“Yes. “ Luna curled her lips and smiled. “Your love for Ms. Blake is deep and true, I’m ashamed.“

The moment the words left her mouth, Lucas led a team of medical personnel and barged into the room.

Before Lucas and the medical personnel left with Joshua in tow, the last sentence he said was, “Luna, I never thought you could be so cruel! “

Luna curled her lips. Was she cruel? Both Joshua and Fiona kept trying to harm her, they were the cruel ones!

If Joshua had really drunk such strong alcohol, then how could he possibly have the energy to talk to her so calmly after eight full glasses?

After all, she was not him, she could not be so cruel toward someone she once loved so deeply.

The so-called alcohol was nothing but alcoholic beverages with a color close to alcohol. These drinks were specially prepared for her by Bonnie, knowing full well that her alcohol tolerance level was poor. They were merely kept in bottles of wine and other types of alcohol, but they did not contain alcohol at all.

“Luna, if something happens to Joshua, I will not let you off the hook so easily! “

After Joshua left, Fiona sat in a chair, watching Luna as she spewed such cruel words, tears swimming in her eyes the entire time.

Luna glanced at her indifferently and then threw her a pack of tissues. “Are you tired from crying? I’m really curious, how come you didn’t follow Lucas and Joshua to the hospital even though you care about Joshua so much? Is it because I am more attractive to you…or are you still afraid that if you follow along, you will be asked to stay in the hospital to take care of him as I did before?”

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