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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 844

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 844

“Besides, this morning she apologized and even fell sick again. She put on such a big act, it’s impossible that she wouldn’t complain to President Lynch about this.“

Luna shrugged. “Maybe Joshua hasn’t found the time to visit me yet.“ Besides this, she could not think of any other reason.

In the afternoon, she finally received a call from Joshua. Sitting on her chair, she looked at his name on her phone screen and a cold smirk involuntarily appeared at the corners of her lips. She sucked in a deep breath, and picked up her phone, already ready to be humiliated by him. “Mr. Lynch.“

“Come to my office.“

“Alright.“ She had a document to give to him too.

Luna walked out of her office with the document in her hands and instinctively looked in Fiona’s direction. Her seat was empty.

Seeing Luna look in her direction, Charmaine who sat beside Fiona could not help but snort, lifting her chin up at Luna and said, “Fiona went to see President Lynch, you’re dead meat! “

Luna narrowed her eyes, she did not have the time nor energy to deal with her, so she turned and walked out of the office with the documents in her hands.

On the way, the more she thought about it the more hilarious she found the situation to be.

Joshua was a brilliant man. He almost exposed her identity several times. But for some reason, when faced with Fiona, he became an idiot with zero mental capabilities, believing everything that she told him, doing everything that she ordered him to.

Those in the know knew that he had feelings for her. Those who did not would think he owed her a life debt.

While she was busy contemplating all these, the elevator pinged.

Luna sucked in a deep breath, calmed herself down, then knocked on his office door and pushed it open.

In his office, Joshua was watching as Fiona took her medicine.

“It’s so bitter.“

Looking at Fiona’s wrinkled features, Joshua’s lips curled up in a smile and he handed her an apple. “ You’re not a child anymore, the taste shouldn’t bother you.“

Fiona pouted and took the apple; she was about to say something when she saw Luna who was standing in the doorway.

She pursed her lips and looked at him intimately. “ Joshua, Ms. Luna is here to see you for work, right? I’ll be leaving now.“

With that, she hurriedly stood up and strode away. When she walked past Luna, she even gave her a shallow smile.

Luna frowned in confusion.


After Fiona left, Joshua frowned and pointed indifferently to the seat opposite him. He had not seen her in a week, now she looked thinner and more haggard than before. Although his heart ached slightly at the sight of her, but…

Luna frowned and sat down in her designated seat. She raised her eyes and looked at him. “Mr. Lynch, did you ask here to discuss the events of this morning?“

He furrowed his eyebrows, glancing at her in confusion, and asked, “What happened this morning?“

Luna was shocked. “Ms. Blake didn’t tell you what happened this morning?“

Joshua paused, then laughed, “Are you referring to the celebrations the other staff members organized for you? Fiona told me about it, it’s a good thing that everyone in your department can get along well.“

Then he even laughed in a low voice as he said, “This is the first time you’re treating them to karaoke and a meal, right? When Fiona told me about it just now, I was surprised too. I never thought you would invite her, and even ask her to bring me along.“

Luna was stunned.

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