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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 843

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 843

Hearing Luna say that, Charmaine’s face lost all of its color. She bit her lip and glanced at Fiona instinctively, her voice soft and pitiful as she said, “ Fiona…“

Fiona narrowed her eyes slightly, a cunning light flashing through her eyes. A moment later, she pursed her lips and looked at Luna gently. “Ms. Luna, you don’t have to tell Joshua about something as minor as this, do you? Joshua has a lot on his plate, he is a very busy man.“

Luna snorted, “Is he? Even if he’s busy, when the matter involves you, he wouldn’t just ignore it, would he?“

The past few times, Joshua came to the design department personally every single time to play knight in shining armor.

Once, he wanted to fire all three of Luna’s assistants, and the other time, he tried to force Shannon to apologize again and again.

Was Joshua busy? Luna did not think so.

Fiona bit her lip as if she was determined to do something. She stood up, bowed toward her solemnly, and said, “Ms. Luna, I apologize on Charmaine’s behalf. She said something she should not have said and did something she should not have done. Although this has nothing to do with me, she’s my friend after all, I apologize to you on her behalf. I will make sure she writes the review, and I will also have a good chat with her so that the same thing will not happen again in the future. This is between us, let’s not bother Joshua.”

Fiona suddenly stood up and apologized, still so humble and sincere.

This scene made everyone in the office quiet down instantly. Everyone looked at them in shock.

Just a second ago, Fiona and Charmaine were just taunting Luna, as if they looked down on her, so why was Fiona suddenly so humble and lowly?

What was she hiding?

Luna frowned. “I didn’t ask you to apologize.“

“I know.“ Fiona bit her lip, a hint of a sob in her voice as she said, “I know some things can’t be amended with an apology. We…we’ll try our best to make up for our mistakes.“

With that, she squeezed at her chest where her heart was, her complexion was pale as a ghost as she supported her weak body on the edge of the table. Seeing this, Charmaine immediately helped her into a chair and asked, “Fiona, Fiona, what happened? I’ll call Mr. Lynch right now! “

“No, it’s fine…“ Fiona leaned on the back of the chair weakly and pointed to her drawer. “Give me my medicine, I ‘ll be fine after I take my medicine. I was just a bit agitated…“

Charmaine bit her lip and hurriedly took Fiona’s medicine out of her drawer and fed them to her. Only then did Fiona’s complexion look slightly better.

She held Charmaine’s hand tightly, her voice faint as she said, “Promise me, don’t tell Joshua… I don’t want him to be distracted by me and my issues anymore.”

Charmaine bit her lip. Although she was reluctant to agree, she nodded when she saw Fiona like this.

Luna looked at the farce in front of her, her brows screwed together tightly. Fiona looked like she was feigning her discomfort, but somehow, it was too true to be an act. “Ms. Blake, get some rest. If you really don’t feel well, please take time off and go home.”

With that, she sighed, held the bouquet in her arms, and turned back to her office. She might have been drunk on happiness from receiving everyone’s blessings today. That was the only reason why she would argue with a fraud like Fiona who liked to feign illness at a moment’s notice.

Sitting on the chair back in her office, Luna rubbed between her eyebrows. She could already imagine Joshua barging into her office furiously, intent on settling the score with her.

But unexpectedly, the entire afternoon passed and there was no sign of Joshua. During lunch, Shannon could not help it and asked Luna whether she received a scalding phone call from him.

Luna shook her head in answer.

“That’s weird.“ Shannon pouted. “According to Fiona’s personality, she would never suffer in silence like this.“

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