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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2436 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2436 by desirenovel

Why are you here at my house?” Luna grabbed her phone tightly as she furrowed her brows. “I. remembered only promising to work together on business terms only, nothing more than that. Why are you here, then, coming to my house early in the morning?” 

Luna never liked Thomas to begin with. He disconcerted her to the very core, too. It was one thing that he had bribed Joey Charles to pursue her, but he even said he liked Nellie. When Luna did not agree with his offer, he forced Luna to sign the contract by threatening her with Sean and Kate‘s safety after he kidnapped them! 

After all those incidents, no one would blame Luna for having a bad impression of Thomas, especially when the man showed up at her doorsteps so early in the morning when she had just signed the contract yesterday. This disgusted Luna even more. 

“Do you think I want to be here?” Thomas sneered from the other side of the phone. 

He changed his posture and took off his sunglasses while leaning into the car seat. Then, he glanced at the luxury mansion in front of him. “Ms. Luna, have you forgotten that this new company of yours only exists by word? It doesn‘t have either an address or a physical office. Where else do you think I should find you except in your house?” 

He pulled his face right after finishing this sentence. “Hurry up and let me in. I have a busy schedule today, and I don‘t have much time left to discuss with you.” 

Luna gritted her teeth tightly. “You–” 

“Don‘t reject me,” Thomas interjected curtly. “You should know that I managed to kidnap Sean and Kate without alarming any of you, even when Merchant City is the Lynch family and the Landry family‘s territory, so don‘t force me to use extreme measures to go inside.” 

Luna furrowed her brow annoyingly. “What do you want with me?” 

Thomas smiled. “If you are afraid, then just let me in. I won‘t take up much of your time.” After that, he swiftly hung up. 

On the other side of the phone, Luna furrowed her eyebrows tightly as she heard the beeping tone. 

“Let him in.” Joshua curled up his lips plainly, turning to look at the maid who was at the door. “Please go outside and welcome Mr. Howard to come into the house.” 

He was eager to find out why Thomas came to Merchant City and why he persistently bugged Luna. 

“Sir, do we have to be so humble, coming to this woman‘s house so early in the morning?” asked Thomas‘ assistant. Both of them stood outside Joshua‘s home, with the assistant looking at Thomas, while Thomas leaned against the car and stared at Joshua‘s house. “You only took a glance at the design sketches. Do you have so many details that you want to discuss with her? I thought you never liked jewelry, too. Why…” 

Thomas glanced at his assistant remotely and snapped, “Do you think you can question my choices?” 

He had ordered his men to track down Samuel carefully, but all of a sudden, a group of men appeared out of nowhere and stopped his men. When his men finally successfully tracked down Samuel again, they never heard him speak anything regarding Mrs. Flores ever again. 

Originally, he wanted to capture Mrs. Flores first thing in the morning to ask what Samuel had told her. However, when he was about to take action, Mrs. Flores arrived at Joshua‘s house. 

Hence, he had to enter Joshua‘s house. 

He wanted to know how a simple maid by the name ‘Flores‘ had something to do with how Samuel left Merchant City and left nothing more than just a goodbye to her. 

According to Thomas‘ intel, Samuel should have gone to look for the woman from a year ago after Thomas had reminded Samuel of her. 

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