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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2434 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2434 by desirenovel

The next morning, after Luna got up and was heading downstairs, she ran into none other than Mrs. Flores, who was heading in the opposite direction. 

She was holding three presents in her hands, meant for Nellie, Neil, and Nigel. 

Mrs. Flores did not expect to run into Luna on her way up, so she appeared flustered as she stammered,” Why are you up so early, Ma‘am?” 

Luna‘s gaze fell onto the presents she was holding. 

At this moment, Mrs. Flores was holding three gift bags with ribbons, one in pink–Nellie‘s favorite color and the other two in blue and dark lilac, which were Neil and Nigel‘s favorite colors, respectively. 

It was clear that she had prepared these for the three children. 

Luna furrowed her brows in confusion. “What are these for, Mrs. Flores?” 

Mrs. Flores was a little startled by the look in her eyes. She let out a cough and said, trying to hide the 

sheepishness in her tone, “…I‘m planning on quitting this job soon, but I truly am going to miss Princess Nellie and Young Masters Nigel and Neil. 

“I know that they came from Banyan City and aren‘t too familiar with Merchant City, so–” 

She raised the bags to show Luna the contents. “I prepared some local delicacies that children here love and also got my hands on some traditional Merchant City toys…” 

Then, she burst into a grin and added, “Pve also prepared the same present for Ms. Riley, but since she‘s not doing so well now…I didn‘t bring the gift over.” 

Then, Mrs. Flores let out a sigh of relief and said, “Ma‘am, I‘ve been thinking about how I would tell you about my leaving…but since we happened to bump into each other here, I‘ll take this as a sign to tell you the truth now. 

“I want to terminate my job, and today will be my last day working here.” 

Luna‘s entire body was frozen in shock when she heard this. 

The night before, she had just declared to Joshua that she would keep Mrs. Flores by her side as long as she could because of how kind she was. 

Not only that, but Nellie was so fond of Mrs. Flores that she wanted to design some jewelry pieces for her. 

Mrs. Flores was the first person that Nellie had ever volunteered to design something for, apart from Luna, of course. 

Therefore, it was clear how much Nellie loved Mrs. Flores. 

She would be devastated if she found out about Mrs. Flores‘ termination… 

At the thought of this, Luna sighed and grabbed hold of Mrs. Flores‘ wrinkled, callused hands. “I don’t understand this, Mrs. Flores. Aren‘t you happy working here?” 

She glanced at the gift bags once more and could not help noticing the amount of detail that had gone into the gift wrapping. 

She could tell that Mrs. Flores had put some effort into preparing and wrapping these gifts for the children, so this perplexed her even more. “Since you love the children so much, and they love you back, 

why are you…” 

Finally, Luna paused as though something had struck her. “Is it because of the salary? 

“I‘m so sorry about this. Lucas has always been the one in charge of the employment of the servants, and I had never paid much attention to this sector. Perhaps you‘ve been feeling unfair about the wages.” 

As she said this, Luna picked up her phone. “I’m going to call Lucas and ask him to come over right now…” “Ma‘am!” Mrs. Flores stormed forward to grab hold of Luna‘s hand. “Ma‘am! Please don‘t call Mr. Bean! The truth is…” 

She bit her lip nervously. “It has nothing to do with the amount of money I‘m paid, and nothing else is wrong with this job, either. It‘s just me…” 

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