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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2433 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2433 by desirenovel

“I guess you‘re still the thoughtful one in this relationship.” 

Luna used to think that since Riley was separated from her birth parents, her only obligation was to treat the poor child like her own, but after hearing Joshua’s explanation, she could not help thinking he was right. 

The two of them had been frantically searching for their daughter after finding out about her, and Riley‘s parents must be doing the same. 

Helping bring Riley back to her parents would be a more noble thing to do than keeping her by their side. 

Luna had to admit that at certain times, Joshua was much more thoughtful and detail–oriented than she 


At the thought of this, she turned to look at him. “So, have you…found any clues as to who Riley‘s parents might be?” 

Joshua shook his head. 

This was the only thing that baffled him: no matter how hard he looked, he could not seem to find any trace of a couple that had lost their two–month–old daughter. 

Hunter had even offered him the location of the hospital he had stolen the child from, but according to the hospital records, no child was born that night. 

Because of this, even until this moment, Joshua had yet to find any information regarding Riley‘s birth parents. 

At this moment, Nigel had informed him that soon after Thomas‘ arrival in Merchant City, a new team of men had emerged in search of single mothers who were trying to track down their lost babies. 

Perhaps he and Thomas were searching for the same person. 

Joshua‘s expression turned dark as he narrowed his eyes and zoned out into the distance. 

Why was Thomas searching for Riley‘s parents? 

las S 

What was this man trying to do? 

Could it be that… 

Joshua narrowed his eyes and tried to recall everything Thomas had done since his touchdown in Merchant City 

He was willing to put himself in a disadvantaged position to work with Luna and, when that failed, did not even hesitate to threaten her. 

At the same time, he had taken Malcolm in and even sent a team of men to track down Riley‘s parents. 

All this seemed to point toward one conclusion 

Thomas Howard was trying to get revenge on him and Luna. 

Because of this, Joshua could not help suspecting that Thomas probably had something to do with the people who had stolen his and Luna‘s daughter two months ago. 

Otherwise, there would be no way to explain why the child had disappeared into thin air that eventful night. 

Not only that, but this was the only logical way to explain why Thomas had been targeting him and Luna 

since his arrival in Merchant City. 

At the thought of this, Joshua sighed and turned to glance at Luna. “I think…we‘ll be able to find our child very soon.” 

He had a feeling that their daughter would return to their side soon. 

“I certainly hope so.” Luna leaned her head against Joshua‘s shoulder and heaved a deep sigh. 

Joshua narrowed his eyes when he noticed the look on Luna‘s face. 

After dinner, he did not play with the children in his room as he usually did and instead returned to his study 

He organized all the information he had on Thomas Howard and thumbed through them once more. 

Finally, his gaze landed on the column that stated his father and mother‘s names. 

Joshua furrowed his brows and immediately dialed Lucas‘ number. “Are yosure that… Thomas Howard is this person‘s son?” 

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