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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2432 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2432 by desirenovel

 Luna was still a little puzzled by this. “Why have you been searching for a woman who lost her two–month old child?” 

As soon as she finished her sentence, however, her mind connected the dots. She lifted her head to gaze intently at Joshua. “Are you…searching for Riley‘s mother?” 

Joshua nodded. “I‘ve been investigating this for a while now. Malcolm and Heather must‘ve planned to take our daughter away from us a long time ago so they could use her to threaten us. 

“However, something unexpected must‘ve happened in this process, which led to Riley winding up in Malcolm and Heather‘s hands. 

“The day you went into labor, Malcolm and Heather chose to pretend that Heather had done the same to make the story more believable. Therefore, on the day our daughter got kidnapped, both Heather and Malcolm had been in the hospital. 

“I managed to get my hands on the surveillance tape, which showed that Heather had been in the delivery suite the moment your water broke, while Malcolm, on the other hand, had been waiting outside the operation room with Charles for Heather.” 

Luna‘s expression darkened upon hearing this. “That‘s right.” 

Luna would never be able to forget this day–one of the most miserable days of her life. 

Her husband had become her enemy and could not be there with her while she delivered their baby. 

Not only that, but he had been absent for the entire 9 months of her pregnancy. 

Her mother had been in a coma, unable to move or even speak. Her father, on the other hand, only cared about Heather, who was not even his daughter by blood. 

Even though Luna and Heather had gone into labor at the same time, he had chosen to remain by Heather‘s side. 

Luna had known this would happen the minute she found out about Heather going into labor the same time as her, but to her surprise, not even Jim had come to visit her. 

The only people who were with her were the servants. 

Her delivery had been a difficult one, complicated by a massive hemorrhage, but none of her family members was there with her, not even to hold her hand. 

It was only after this that she discovered her baby had died.’ 

Luna would never forget the despair and devastation that was brought upon her that day. 

Joshua quickly sighed and reached out to hold Luna‘s hand when he sensed her mood change. “It‘s all in the past now.” 

He sighed and tried to coax Luna out of her gradual descent into despair. “I‘ve been thinking about this, and the only conclusion I got is that the only person who could‘ve helped Malcolm and Heather during this time was Hunter, so I went to the prison to visit him. 

“Hunter told me everything that had happened that day: he had been ordered to obtain a dead baby to pass off as our child, whereas the real baby was to be transported to Malcolm and Heather‘s side. 

“However, a group of men hijacked his car on the way and stole the baby from him. Therefore, he had no choice but to go to the nearest hospital and grab a random baby girl to fool Malcolm and Heather.” 

Then, Joshua sighed and gently pulled Luna into his arms. “I‘m guessing Riley‘s parents must be as desperate to find her as we are to find our daughter. After all, I‘m hoping that whoever got their hands on our daughter will be as willing to send her back to our side as we are.” Luna bit her lip upon hearing this. She sighed and clasped Joshua‘s hand tightly. “You‘re right.” 

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