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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2428 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2428 by desirenovel

Mrs. Flores gaped at Samuel, unable to comprehend why he was so angry at the mention of the Lynch family. 

In her memory, Father Samuel had always been kind and easygoing, and even though he used to be the Quinn family‘s heir, he treated everyone with kindness after becoming a priest. 

He had always treated her and Yannie well despite knowing how harsh their upbringing had been 

This was why, out of all the priests at the church, Samuel was the only one she had remained in touch with through these years. 

However, this usually gentle and easygoing man had suddenly turned fierce and hostile after hearing about her and Yannie‘s involvement with Joshua and Luna. 

“Don‘t ask why!” Samuel furrowed his brows and gazed intently at her. “If you still think of me as a friend, you‘d better take my advice and stay away from the Lynch and Landry families!” 

Then, he closed his eyes and let out an exhale. “This is the only piece of advice I have for you and Yannie before I leave Merchant City. Of course, there‘s someone else–someone who goes by Howard…” 

Mrs. Flores raised her brows questioningly. “Howard?” 

“That‘s right.” Samuel sighed and explained, “You don‘t have to know who this person is, but please pass on my message to Yannie. She‘ll understand what I‘m trying to say.” 

Mrs. Flores furrowed her brows in confusion. Why was Samuel telling her and Yannie to staaway from the Lynch and Landry families? 

Who was this Howard that he was talking about? 

She wanted to know the answers to these questions, but… 

She stared at Samuel‘s solemn face and decided against it. 

She knew there was no point in asking any further questions since Samuel would not answer them anyway

According to Samuel‘s personality, he would not answer anything that he did not feel like talking about, much less a question coming from someone as lowly as her. 

Therefore, she had no choice but to sigh and reply, “Alright.” 

Then, she changed the topic. “Will you come back again in the future?” 

Samuel shook his head. “I won‘t be coming back here anymore.” 

He turned to gaze out at the ocean and explained, “I’ve always wanted to become a wanderer, but Merchant City is my home, and since my mother and son were here, I never got the chance to fulfill my wish. Now…” 

He curled his lips into a bitter smile. 

He had received the news of his mother‘s passing while on his way to meet Mrs. Flores. 

Granny Quinn had passed away in the hospital, and even in the last moments of her life, she never expressed the wish to see him, nor even mentioned his name. 

She had clutched the nurse‘s arm and declared that her only regret was that she had failed to raise her son and grandsons to become the heirs she wanted them to be. 

Initially, Samuel had been crestfallen to hear about his mother‘s passing, but after the initial wave of grief, he could not help chuckling. 

It turned out that Granny Quinn had failed to see her mistake in all of this. 

She had singlehandedly caused a tremendous misunderstanding between the Landry and Lynch families, led to Lucy Hamilton‘s demise and caused Rosalyn to suffer for the rest of her life in this process. 

Not only that, but she had almost destroyed Luna and Joshua‘s relationship, as well as Jim and Bonnie‘s as well. 

Even until her last breath, she was still blinded to her wrongdoings and expressed that her only regret was failing to ‘nurture‘ her heirs to become as cruel and malicious as she had been. 

Perhaps at one point, Malcolm had stood a chance to become the heir to the Quinn family, but… 

After thinking about this for some time, Samuel finally realized that there was nothing to feel sad about. 

He had tried his best when it came to Granny Quinn and Malcolm, and it was not his fault that they had fallen victim to their greed. 

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