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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2427 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2427 by desirenovel

“How can you even tell that Kate is in love with Luke?” 

In Joshua‘s opinion, this was just a conversation between a disapproving boss and an employee trying to defend herself. 

“Can‘t you tell?” Luna pursed her lips and shot Joshua a helpless look. “It‘s so obvious!” 

The expression on Kate‘s face was one that every woman reserved only for the man they loved. 

Luna was more than familiar with this! 

Joshua furrowed his brows and observed for a little while longer, then finally shook his head. “I can‘t tell.” 

Luna pursed her lips and decided not to pursue this any further. “Alright. Let‘s go home.“. 

Joshua nodded, took her hand, and finally left. 

As soon as they returned home, Luna went up to the bedroom to rest. 

She was exhausted from dealing with the family butler that morning and her encounter with Thomas the same afternoon. 

It was already 5p.m. by the time Joshua returned to his study after tucking Luna into bed. 

Lucas had already sent the recording of Samuel and Mrs. Flores‘ meeting to Joshua‘s laptop. 

Joshua opened the laptop and took a sip from his tea as he watched the two people walking side–by–side on the bridge. 

He was curious to know what kind of relationship Samuel had with a servant like Mrs. Flores, so much so that she was the first person he decided to meet up with before leaving Merchant City. 

Joshua narrowed his eyes as he leaned against the back of his chair. 

The two people walked along the bridge for a long time before Mrs. Flores finally broke the silence.” Where are you going? Why are you leaving so soon?” 

Samuel smiled. “I guess you never changed; you‘re still so absorbed in your life that you barely notice anything happening outside of you.” 

Then, he sighed, stared out at the sea before him, and said, “If you‘ve been keeping up with the news recently, you‘d know that my son and I have gotten into some trouble with the Landry and Lynch families.” 

Even though news of this drama had never been reported on major news outlets, everyone probably would have heard it by word of mouth at this point. 

“The Landry and Lynch families?” Mrs. Flores furrowed her brows and turned to stare at him in confusion.” Are you talking about the Landry family in Merchant City?” 


“And the Lynch family? Are you referring to Joshua Lynch, by any chance?” 

Samuel furrowed his brows upon hearing this. He stared at Mrs. Flores in shock and replied, “How did you know?” 

“That‘s because I‘ve been working for him as a servant.” Mrs. Flores chuckled. “I‘ve been helping Ms. Luna take care of their three children. Ms. Luna even told me that she‘s going to establish a new company soon where she‘ll be working with that famous superstar, Thomas Howard. Not only that, but she even wants my precious Yannie to start working for her soon!” 

With that, Mrs. Flores could not help adding fondly, “Mr. Lynch and Ms. Luna are both kindhearted people!” 

Samuel furrowed his brows and stared at her in disapproval. “Please quit your job, and tell Yannie to do the same. Don‘t keep in touch with the Lynch family, and please, please stay away from Thomas Howard!” Why?” 

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