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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2426 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2426 by desirenovel

“There are other people following him?” Joshua furrowed his brows and turned to glance at Jim. “Did you send your men to follow Samuel Quinn?” 

Jim shot him a perplexed look. “What for?” 

Then he pondered this for a moment before lifting his head in sudden realization. “Could Sean and Kate‘s kidnapping have had something to do with Father Samuel?” 

At the thought of this, Jim narrowed his eyes and glanced at Joshua. “Where‘s Samuel Quinn right now? what is he doing?” 

Joshua narrowed his eyes. 

He should not have asked Jim in the first place. Jim had not known about anything Malcolm did to him or Luna, so why would he suspect Samuel in the first place? 

Joshua sighed, then tried to reassure Jim. “Samuel had nothing to do with Sean and Kate‘s kidnapping. I just sent my men to keep an eye on him because of a potential business opportunity. I thought perhaps you might‘ve done the same to help me solve the problems my company has been facing recently.” 

Jim rolled his eyes at him. “Don‘t overthink anything. Why would I care how Lynch Group is doing, anywayI want nothing more than for you to go bankrupt so that I‘d be able to get some benefit out of this.” 

Joshua could not help bursting into laughter when he heard this. “I guess you‘re right.” 

Then, he sighed, picked up his phone, and ordered, “Don‘t do anything yet. Just keep an eye on those men and try to figure out what they want.” * 

“Yes, Sir!” After receiving Joshua‘s commands, Lucas hung up the phone and ordered the driver sitting next to him to slow down as they followed the other cars. 

Meanwhile, as soon as he finished reassuring Jim, Joshua turned to glance at Luke through the glass window, who was consoling Kate in her room. 

At this moment, Luke‘s browwere furrowed in concentration as he listened to Kate. His expression was intense but natural, with no ounce of guilt at all. 

Joshua could tell that Luke was probably not the one who had sent his men to follow Samuel, either. 

Since this had nothing to do with neither Jim nor Luke, who else could it be? 

All of a sudden, Joshua recalled the man he had seen at the restaurant that afternoon. 

Thomas Howard. 

This man seemed to possess astonishingly profound information about them, so much so that he had used Sean and Kate to threaten Luna into signing a contract with him. 

Not only that, but Malcolm was working for him, too. 

It would not be strange for him to be following Samuel…but why would he do this? 

Samuel was on his way to visit Mrs. Flores–that was all. 

Could Mrs. Flores and Samuel possess a secret so big that even Thomas Howard wanted to discover it? 

“Whatre you thinking about?” All of a sudden, Luna approached him and snaked her arm around his,” What‘s wrong?” 

She followed Joshua‘s gaze, which led her to Luke and Kate. “Even you can tell that Kate likes Luke, can‘t you?” 

She sighed and added, “Even though I had never been fond of Luke, and I‘d constantly been trying to help Gwen escape from him…” 

She stared at Luke through the glass window as she said, “Even though Luke doesn‘t seem to like Kate back, as Gwen‘s friend, I can‘t help feeling a little uncomfortable by this.” 

Joshua immediately snapped out of his stupor upon hearing this. He scrutinized Luke, who was still listening to Kate intently, through the glass window. 

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