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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2422 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2422 by desirenovel

Luna could not help chuckling as she listened to her daughter’s ‘report’.

At the restaurant, she had told Nellie that Mrs. Flores and her daughter, Yannie, were both kindhearted people.

Not only did Nellie remember this, but she even began to place more attention on Mrs. Flores, so much so that she had watched and observed her every move.

A surge of warmth spread into Luna’s heart when she realized how kind and thoughtful her daughter was.

At the thought of this, Luna’s voice grew even more gentle and tender than before, and she finally hung up after reassuring Nellie some more.

After she tucked her phone away, Luna leaned her head against Joshua’s shoulder and said with a hint of pride, ” Did you hear what Nellie said just now? She’s such a good girl; she listens and pays attention to every word we say.”

Joshua nodded impassively and took her hand in his. However, his eyes were narrowed as he stared straight ahead, his gaze seeming to penetrate to some place far, far away. “Don’t you think it’s a little strange? Why would Father Samuel and Mrs. Flores know each other? why was Mrs. Flores the first person he contacted after finding out he’s going to leave tomorrow?”

Luna pursed her lips slightly, turned to stare out the window, and replied, “That’s because Mrs. Flores is a religious person. 1

“She once told me that she used to pray at the church on the outskirts of the city all the time. She’s been going there for more than ten years, and so she’s grown close to some of the priests there.

“When one of the priests passed away, she even sent her daughter Yannie to attend his funeral.”

Then, Luna sighed and added, “That’s probably why she and Father Samuel are so close. The fact that she even sent her daughter to attend a late priest’s funeral despite having left the city for so long…means that she’s a kind person who grows easily attached to people.”

Then, she turned to stare at Joshua. “Isn’t that so?”

Joshua narrowed his eyes but did not reply.

Soon, the car arrived at Central Hospital.

As soon as the car came to a stop, Luna flung open the car door A?_tL6PY leaped out.

Joshua narrowed his eyes as he watched Luna leave, then picked up his phone to call Lucas. “Send some men to keep an eye on Mrs. Flores and Father Samuel. II

Lucas froze for a moment, then asked in confusion, ” Isn’t Mrs. Flores the servant working for US? Why do we need to follow her?”

Joshua narrowed his eyes and said curtly, “Is there something wrong?”

Lucas, having worked for Joshua for so many years, was more than familiar with Joshua’s mood swings at this point. As soon as he heard the change in Joshua’s tone, he quickly shook his head and stammered, “No —nothing!”

Then, he hung up the phone.

Joshua tucked his phone away, opened the door, and was about to step out of the car when Luna grabbed hold of his wrist.

She was staring at him with slight fury, “what’s taking you so long?”

She had thought Joshua would be as anxious to see Sean and Kate as her, which was why she had stormed out of the car as soon as they stopped.

However, to her surprise, Joshua had taken his time and even decided to make a phone call before getting out!

Joshua curled his lips into a smile when he sensed Luna’s rage, then gently clasped her hand. “Let’s go.”

His hand was warm and dry and made her feel strangely reassured.

Luna’s heart sank, and for some reason, she could not bring herself to nag at him anymore.

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