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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2418 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2418 by desirenovel

Samuel lifted his head and looked at the man before him with a stupefied expression. After a while, he nodded vehemently. “I remember.”

Perhaps he did not remember Thomas, but he could not forget the incident that happened on that particular night one year ago.

At that time, he was helping out a friend whom he had just known not long ago to replace his service at the outskirt village church, one that his friend used to take care of after his friend passed away not long ago. Coincidentally, a production team was filming a movie near the village.

That night, Samuel had just finished his work for the day, and Thomas’ production team sent Thomas to the church. The leader of the villager said Thomas got bitten by a very poisonous snake, and he needed a woman to help him to treat the poison.

Samuel took a look at Thomas and instantly exposed the lie the leader told them. Thomas did not look like he was bitten by a poisonous snake but was more likely drugged! A person in the production team wanted to use the drug to force Thomas to give in to her, wanting to force Thomas to be with her!

The production team stayed silent after hearing the assumption from Samuel. After that, all of the women in the production team, including actresses and backstage staff, denied being responsible for drugging Thomas. These women who would fawn over Thomas any other day refused to help Thomas. According to them, if a person volunteered to help, it might indirectly mean that she was the one who drugged Thomas.

Thus, they kept on fighting until Thomas’ situation got worse. Eventually, Thomas1 assistant kneeled and begged Samuel to think of a solution.

However, just as Samuel decided to use his less- professional medical skill to help suppress Thomas’ condition, he heard a woman’s voice coming from Thomas’ room.

It was a girl who had followed Samuel to the village to pay respects to his friend.

The girl’s mother was one of the devotees who used to go to the church where Samuel was servicing, and she had a close relationship with Thomas’ friend. However, the girl’s mother suffered from severe illness G:[jl2YU was unable to be there personally. Thus, Samuel brought the girl with him.

He never thought that the girL.would stumble into Thomas’ room and unknowingly be ensnared by the drugged-up Thomas into sex.

At that moment, Samuel’s face burned as he turned pink in the face. He heard the voices of the two young people and did not bear to open the door.

After that, the girl ran out of the room with tears on her face. Thomas’ assistant wanted to give her some money but did not even manage to chase her. In the end, he gave the money to Samuel, hoping that Samuel could help them.

The days passed after that night, and Samuel was overridden with guilt.

He thought that he failed to protect the girl, and that was what caused the accident to happen. He had searched for that girl as much as he could, and eventually, the girl went back to look for Samuel, and she was pregnant.

Samuel sighed, thinking back at it. It was a deep scar in his heart that he could not forget. All he wanted to do was to bring the girl to pay her last respect to an old friend on her mother’s behalf. It was never his intention to let that incident happen.

After that, he felt like he was very sorry and did not dare to face his old friend. Thus, he did not keep in contact with the girl and her mother.

Time has passed since then…

He raised his head and looked at Thomas solemnly as he recalled the memory. “So it was you.”

“Yes, it was me.” Thomas changed to a more comfortable posture to sit on the couch. His eyes focused on Samuel. “It’ll save me a lot of trouble since you remember everything.”

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