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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2417 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2417 by desirenovel

Samuel furrowed his brow and looked at the man before him with ice-cold eyes, “who are you?”

“Mr. Quinn, do you not recognize me?” Thomas felt like this was the best joke he heard so far. “My name is all over Merchant City today. How come you still don’t know me? Maybe I didn’t work hard enough.”

Samuel’s eyebrows knitted together, “who are you?”

“Let me introduce myself.” Thomas stood up and walked to stand in front of Samuel, lightly grabbing Samuel’s hand. “My name is Thomas Howard—your son, Malcolm’s future boss. He must’ve mentioned me to you.”

Samuel was silent for a while before realizing what he meant.

This man, who did not look well over 30 years old, had to be the man Malcolm told him about. He was the one who gave Malcolm a new name, the one who gave him a new place to stay, and the one who sustained him to live.

Samuel squinted.”You’re just an actor, what makes you think you can go up against Joshua and Jim?”

Joshua was the newest and most talented young man in Merchant City for the last two years, while Jim was the son of the wealthiest family in Merchant City.

Thomas must have been very proud of himself to even initiate a war with Joshua and Jim.

“Although I’m an actor, it doesn’t mean I’m one to be toppled over easily,” remarked Thomas.

Joshua and Jim had put his two-month-old daughter through hell, and to that, he must do something in return.

Thomas looked at Malcolm, who was pressed against the floor by the two men in black. The corners of his mouth flashed with the taste of blood.

“I remember telling you that you shouldn’t do anything you shouldn’t do when you left Merchant City after seeking help from me. I also emphasized that you shouldn’t wake a sleeping wolf. I don’t care what relationship you had with these people in the past or future; to me, you’re not related to this Quinn family. So…”

He smirked.”It was bad-mannered and rude of you to come straight to the Quinn mansion after returning to Merchant city; you’ve tarnished my reputation.

“Don’t forget you’re now called Lucifer Howard—just my driver.”

With that, the two muscular men each stepped on Malcolm’s hF?_wL8XP, exerting full force, causing Malcolm to cry out in pain, his whimpers echoing throughout the mansion, when he finished shouting, he was in so much pain that he had cold sweats and a pale face.

Thomas glanced at him and waved his hand lightly, signaling the two men to take Malcolm away.

When Malcolm and the two muscular men were out of sight, Thomas shifted his attention back to Samuel, who was still in shock.

“Father Samuel, we meet again,” said Thomas.

Samuel furrowed his brows slightly. “Have we met before?”

“Yes, of course.” Thomas smiled. “A year ago, someone entrusted you to help out in a small town in Europa. That night, I was poisoned and needed a woman to help… You were the one who helped me. Do you remember?”

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