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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2415 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2415 by desirenovel

Looking at how puzzled Luna was, Joshua closed his eyes and changed to a more comfortable posture to rest on the leather seat. “First of all, me agreeing to sign the contract with Uncle Samuel doesn’t mean that I’ll let Malcolm go. I have men stationed inside and outside of the mansion. Once Malcolm leaves the mansion, my people will capture him. Secondly, do you really think that Samuel was trying to help Malcolm by giving the Quinn family to me? You’re wrong.”

Luna was baffled at this. She furrowed her brow to look at Joshua while more questions popped out. ” Why not?”

Samuel only stopped Joshua and told him his intention when Joshua wanted to get near to the statue. Was not that for Malcolm?

“He did want me to let go of Malcolm, but that’s not the real reason.” Joshua curled his lips. “Think about it: why would Malcolm rather give out his identity as the eldest young master of the Quinn family and be willing to work for Thomas?”

Luna paused. “He wants to come back to Merchant city to finish what he started: attacking you and me… and to regain control over the Quinn family?” That was all she could think of.

“Yes.” Joshua curled up his lips. “Malcolm wants to attack you, me, and Uncle Samuel. Since Uncle Samuel transferred all of the Quinn family’s assets to me, he’s now without anything. Do you think Malcolm will continue troubling him?”

Luna was speechless. She had never thought of all this before. All this time, she thought Samuel went soft again, that he did not want Joshua taking Malcolm away and wanted to protect her son with the Quinn family’s resources.

It never occurred to Luna that Samuel was afraid of the trouble. He was afraid that Malcolm would keep troubling him and would rather give Joshua everything to cut ties with Malcolm. This explained why Samuel insisted for the secretary and lawyer draft the contract today.

He wanted to let Malcolm witness it himself.

Luna’s head buzzed with the revelation. “So…Uncle Malcolm has given up on his son now?”

“Something like that.” Joshua smiled bitterly. “He is a person with a clear mind, E=ApNóXX he knows what is the consequence after Malcolm comes back this time, so he chose to give up everything to cut ties with Malcolm. The medicine box I gave him had an air ticket and a check inside, apart from the necessary medicine. It’s enough for him to leave Merchant City to any place that he wants.”

Luna nodded. “He has nothing left anymore… It’s better to leave this city.”

Back in Quinn Mansion.

The stench of blood permeated the air.

Malcolm had a knife at hand as he pushed Samuel down against the cough. “You old man! You did it on purpose, didn’t you? How dare you give away the Quinn family to another person right in front of me? Do you know that I’m going to kill you now?!”

Samuel smiled and threw the medicine box Joshua gave him into the rubbish bin. He looked at Malcolm indifferently. “Kill me, then.”

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