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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2398 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2398 by desirenovel

There was a hint of a smile in the man’s voice, but for some reason, Luna felt uneasy about it.

After all, no one-not once in her 20-over years of life-had ever said anything like this while complimenting her daughter on their first encounter.

If she remembered correctly, this was her first time ever meeting Thomas Howard in person, and they were not even acquaintances to begin with.

However, no matter how uneasy she felt, she still smiled and glanced at the man sitting in the booth. “You’re a funny man, Mr. Howard. I’m sure a celebrity like you can’t possibly have children on a whim, can you?”

The tall, slender man was leaning against the sofa before her, his arms crossed as he scrutinized her. He was wearing a black suit which accentuated his long legs. Even with his legs crossed elegantly, they still appeared to be longer than most, so much so that a patch of his ankle was exposed underneath his pant leg.

Underneath the dim, yellow light, the man’s face looked as though he had been chiseled out of marble, and for a split second, Luna could not help being swayed by this man’s beauty.

Anne was right; Thomas Howard’s face was a work of the gods.

He was even more handsome and elegant in person.

“To be quite frank, the news of me dating someone would stir up a storm anywhere, much less any news of me getting married and having kids.” Thomas did not appear to be offended by Luna’s words at all. He poured Luna a cup of tea and said, smiling, “Being handsome isn’t as fun as everyone thinks.”

For some reason, these words did not come off as haughty or arrogant when they spilled out of his mouth because it was the truth.

Luna pursed her lips and plopped down on the sofa alongside Nellie. After lingering on Thomas’ face for a moment, she began the topic of their meeting.

“Mr. Howard, Joey had told me that you were the one who specifically requested my service and that you wanted to become an ambassador for my jewelry pieces. Is that right?

“However, according to my research, you had once gotten into an argument with your stylist for making you wear jewelry. Based on this, I don’t think you’re a fan of wearing jewelry at all, so I want to know: what is the reason you want to work with me so badly?”

Thomas chuckled and swept his dark, penetrating glance over Luna’s face.

Finally, he smiled and replied, “What would you think, Ms. Luna, if I told you that I wanted to work with you because I love your daughter too much?”

As he said this, his gaze lingered on Nellie, and he continued with a smile, “I hear that even though your daughter is only seven years old, she’s already displayed a remarkable talent in jewelry design as well.”

Luna furrowed her brows and instinctively tugged Nellie closer to her, then said coldly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Howard, but my daughter is only seven. Even though she has shown incredible potential in jewelry design, she cannot be the sole designer of any product. Likewise-“

She narrowed her eyes and stared at Thomas with a guarded look. “I’m not sure what your motives are behind telling me all this, Mr. Howard, but I can’t help taking offense in this.”

Thomas narrowed his eyes when he saw the cautious look on Luna’s face, then leaned back against the sofa lazily. “You must’ve misunderstood me, Ms. Luna. I’m not a creep or a child molester. I just…”

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