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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2395 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2395 by desirenovel

 “That’s a lot of money!”

“You suck at math.” Neil shot his sister a helpless glance, then turned to meet Luna’s gaze. “According to Nigel’s research, Thomas Howard does not need this money at all.

“On one hand, he’s not desperate for money, and on the other hand, he’s not desperate to get into business with Daddy either. Besides, he doesn’t need you to fulfill any other terms besides agreeing to work with him…so why would he do this?”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and declared confidently, “This is very suspicious.”

Luna’s chest tightened at the sight of this.

She could not help feeling that Neil was beginning to resemble Joshua more and more. Perhaps it was because the three children had gotten to know Joshua better over the past two years.

The way Neil looked, with his arms crossed and his brows furrowed in deep thought, made him a carbon copy of Joshua.

Just as Luna stared at Neil in slight appalment, Nigel turned the laptop back to face him and retrieved some of Thomas Howard’s personal information. “I can’t seem to find anything this man has in common with Daddy and Mommy, and he has never been to Banyan City or Merchant City.

“Not only that, but neither of his assistants and employees had

any connections with Banyan City or Merchant City.

“I even investigated Lynch Group, Landry Group, and the businesses that Uncle Jim owned outside of Landry Group…. Neither of these had any connections with Mr. Thomas Howard or anyone close to him at all.”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared at the screen, frowning. “This is strange. Could it be that…this man genuinely loves Mommy’s jewelry pieces and specifically requested to work with her because of this, just as Uncle Joey claimed?

“It doesn’t seem true because according to my research, not only is Mr. Thomas Howard not a fan of jewelry, but he even appears to be disgusted by it.

“On one occasion, he had gotten into a fight with his stylist because he didn’t like the fact that the stylist had put too much jewelry on him. In his opinion, men shouldn’t wear too much jewelry at all because it would make them look feminine.”

Nigel’s face when he was thinking was another carbon copy of Joshua’s.

Luna could not help curling her lips into a smile as she stared at her two sons.

A surge of warmth spread into her heart at the thought of her three children trying to help her.

Even though her children had just turned seven, they were all as sharp and observant as their father.


It would be better if their youngest sister could join them.

Luna was confident that her daughter would become just as mature and calm as the rest of the children. Not only that, but perhaps she would also prove to be a genius in another field distinct from her siblings…

“Mommy…” Nellie could sense from the look in Luna’s eyes that her mind had gone to their lost sister, so she reached out to tug on Luna’s sleeve gently. “We’re going to find her someday, and besides, we still have Riley with us!”

Luna immediately snapped out of her stupor, sniffed, and cracked a bitter smile. “You’re right.”

“Mommy,” Neil quickly changed the topic and tried to divert Luna’s attention back to Thomas Howard. “In my opinion, since we can’t accurately deduce this man’s true motives for meeting you…why don’t you go along with Uncle Joey’s arrangement and meet him in person? Perhaps he’ll tell you his terms and conditions in person.” ‘That’s right.” Nigel let out an exhale and fixated his penetrating stare on Luna’s face. “If it turns out to be something you can fulfill, why not agree with him? After all, with the help of such an international idol, your career will be able to take off in no time.”

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