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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2392 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2392 by desirenovel

Sean had gone missing?

Jim furrowed his brows and quickly strode away, clutching his phone. “What happened?”

“Just now, one of my men came to me saying that your brother, as well as my subordinate Kate, disappeared at the same time, but no one knew where they had gone.

Tve already sent some people to check your house, but none of them went to visit Bonnie, so I called to ask you whether you had any idea where they went.”

A hint of cold malice crept into Luke’s voice as he added, “It’s one thing for your brother to go missing, but another thing entirely if Kate were to disappear too. It might not seem like it, but this girl hails from a rich and influential family, and the only reason she’s come to work for me is that she wanted to experience life on her own without being dependent on her family.

“Therefore, if anything were to happen to her, not only will I have to take responsibility, but you’d have to pay the price too.”

Jim narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. “I don’t care about that girl. I want to know what happened to my brother.”

He fell silent for a moment before asking, “What time did they go missing?”

“How the hell would I know?” Luke rolled his eyes and retorted,”

If I had known what time they went missing, don’t you think I would’ve stopped this from happening?”

He paused for a moment and added, “My men came to me about half an hour ago with the news of their disappearance, so I’m guessing they must’ve gone missing around that time.

“I’ve already sent my men to scour the entire city, but I think you’d better get a move on as well. After all, there are still some places within the city that my power doesn’t reach.”

Jim furrowed his brows. “Alright, noted.”

Then, he hung up the phone and turned to glance at Joshua and Luna. “Sean and one of Luke’s female subordinates have gone missing at the same time. It’s been about half an hour now.”

Luna raised her brows questioningly. “Isn’t Sean still recovering from his injury?”

Sean almost lost both his hands after that incident with Christopher and had undergone emergency surgery to salvage them, so he should probably be recovering at this point. Where on earth would he even go?

“That’s precisely why I need to find them as soon as possible.” Jim sighed. “That rascal. He probably didn’t think his injury was a big deal, did he? I’m concerned about his wounds getting infected…”

If Sean’s wounds were to get infected, the consequences would be dire.

“I’ll send my men to search for them,” Joshua replied with narrowed eyes, then excused himself to make a phone call.

Luna could not help sighing as she glanced at Joshua and Jim, who were both busying themselves by barking orders into the phone. She strode over to Rosalyn’s wheelchair and then turned to shoot Charles a meaningful look. “There’s nothing much we can do…so let’s go inside.”

Charles glanced first at his bandaged hand, then at Rosalyn. Finally, he nodded and followed behind Luna as she wheeled Rosalyn back into the living room.

The living room TV was blaring out the local news.” International superstar Thomas Howard has graced Merchant City with his presence, and his arrival has the streets of the city absolutely flooded. We go live to the city center, where fans have gathered all around, cheering and screaming his name!

“This is the first time in many years that Merchant City has welcomed such an international idol, and the excitement of everyone at the scene is palpable!

“Fans of Thomas Howard aren’t missing out on this opportunity either. Some of them have even arrived at the scene despite being sick, and the city center couldn’t be livelier!”

Luna was sitting on the sofa and helping Rosalyn peel an apple when she heard this and frowned. For some reason, a strange thought popped into her mind.

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