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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2382 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2382 by desirenovel

Rosalyn closed her eyes and waited for the pain to engulf her entire body. 

She heard the splatter of blade piercing skin, but oddly enough, she did not feel the pain she anticipated. 

The stench of blood filled her nostrils. 

Rosalyn furrowed her brows and opened her eyes. 

A familiar hand was gripping the blade, just inches away from her face, and her eyes widened in recognition. 


The man who had gripped the knife with his bare hands, preventing it from hurting her, was none other than Charles, her husband and head of the Landry family. 

Bright red blood seeped out from between Charles‘ fingers and dripped down, splattering onto Rosalyn‘s legs. 

In a split second, her white dress had been stained with blotches of red. 

“Are you going to continue struggling, Butler Fred?” the clear voice of a man rang out seconds after Rosalyn‘s scream of surprise. 

It was Jim. 

Rosalyn lifted her head to glance in Butler Fred’s direction. 

At this exact moment, Joshua managed to subdue Mickey, and Jim had knocked Butler Fred onto the ground, wrapping his arms around the man‘s to restrain him. 

Clang! The knife, its blade stained bright red with Charles ‘blood, clattered onto the ground. 

Luna immediately stormed forward to grab hold of Charles. “Are you okay?” 

“I‘m fine,” rasped Charles before he turned to smile at Rosalyn. “Are you okay, Rosalyn?” 

Rosalyn was utterly stunned by the scene before her. 

She stared dazedly at Charles‘ face, and after a long while, tears slid down her face. 

Rosalyn‘s wails of agony rang out from the garden. “It‘s all my fault! This was all my fault!” 

She thought that Charles had never loved her at all and that he had just chosen her after knowing that Lucy had given up on him. Despite her deprecating thoughts, Charles had leaped in front of a knife for her! 

She thought that Jim had never liked her and would always be loyal to no one but himself and his birth mother, Lucy. 

However, he had never truly left. 

Even though he pretended to storm away out of anger, it turned out that he had not left at all and had jumped out to save her in her moment of need. 

Not only that, but even Luna and Joshua had come to help 

Tears poured out of Rosalyn as she clutched Charles‘ bloodstained arm. “This is all my fault… I shouldn‘t have done this!” 


The night before, Butler Fred and Mickey had come to her and told her the ‘truth‘ about how no one liked her. 

Not only that, but they also lied to her about where Charles‘ heart lay and how Luna was secretly displeased with her because it was her poison that had killed Granny Lynch. 

Initially, Rosalyn had taken pity on Butler Fred, thinking that he had indeed committed all these crimes for the Landry family. 

This was why she had been willing to take the fall for him. 

After all, Butler Fred and Mickey had been with her for more than 20 years, so she trusted them with all her heart. 

At this moment, she was finally enlightened to the truth. 

The only reason Butler Fred and Mickey were loyal to her 

was because the Landry and Lynch families were mortal 


“You‘re right; my mother is too kind. Her blind compassion had almost allowed you to ruin her,” said Jim as he held Butler Fred against the ground. 

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