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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2280 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2280 by desirenovel

Luna’s entire body stiffened as Joshua pulled her into his arms.

However, a split second later, she came to a sudden realization and stared at Joshua with wide eyes. “So…you already guessed this when you first heard Rachel talking about the lab results?”

Joshua nodded impassively. “It wasn’t because I doubted her expertise; I simply wanted her to give me a concrete answer as to whether Bonnie was poisoned or not.

“If she were certain that Bonnie didn’t get poisoned, I’d be able to know that Mother-in-law had lied to Jim so he could realize his true feelings for Bonnie. However…”

He sighed as he glanced at his surroundings. “I never thought Jim would summon Christopher back to Merchant City because of Bonnie.”

After all, Christopher had already made up his mind to stay in Lincoln City to develop the antidote to regain Jim’s memories, but Jim had summoned him back to Merchant City without notifying any of them.

After seeing Bonnie and June’s current states, Christopher’s illness had been triggered, and that pushed off the edge of mental sanity…which led to this catastrophic outcome.

Luna pursed her lips upon hearing this. “Since you’ve known this since the start…do you still want to come with me to Landry Mansion and listen to my mother’s explanation?”

“Of course.” Joshua pressed a kiss on Luna’s forehead and replied, “I have some doubts that I’d like Mother-in-law to help me clear up, for example…

“We all know that Nikki hates Bonnie’s guts and would do anything to see her death. Therefore, any drug that she managed to get her hands on would probably be able to kill Bonnie in an instant, so why didn’t it? Why is Bonnie perfectly unscathed?”

Luna and Joshua settled their responsibilities as fast as they could, but by the time they were done and arrived at Landry Mansion, it was already 2 in the evening.

The afternoon sun beat down in the backyard of Landry Mansion, where Rosalyn was lazing in her wheelchair, admiring the view, while Charles sat next to her, peeling an apple.

The two of them appeared to be at peace with each other.

This was the sight that welcomed Joshua E? _mKoSS Luna as soon as they arrived at the house.

Luna’s chest tightened.

A year ago, when she first returned to the Landry family, she had never seen Charles and Rosalyn enjoying each other’s company like this before.

At first, Luna thought Charles could not tolerate Rosalyn’s presence at all and thus, had pitied Rosalyn for her sacrifices and unrequited love.

Everything changed after Rosalyn got injured.

It was only after Rosalyn fell into her coma that Luna finally realized the truth. Charles had already fallen for Rosalyn a long time ago, but he never showed anyone his true feelings.

This man, who had spiraled into depression and severe psychosis after Lucy’s death, had fallen into a similar episode shortly after Rosalyn’s coma. The difference was that, this time, the only person that was on his mind was Rosalyn.

It was as though he had forgotten about Lucy entirely.

However, by the time Charles finally realized his true feelings, Rosalyn was no longer able to reciprocate.

At one point, Luna thought their story would end this way, with a tragic ending.

However, it was as though God had been watching over them, and finally, Rosalyn awoke from her coma. Not only that, but the truth about Lucy’s death had been revealed, and Charles could finally express his love toward Rosalyn without fearing consequences.

“Jealous?” Joshua gently snaked his arms around Luna’s waist as he watched the scene before them. “Don’t worry. We’ll be just as sweet as them when we grow old in the future.”

A surge of warmth spread into Luna’s heart when she felt Joshua’s voice reverberating from behind.

She tilted her head to one side and gently kissed his cheek.

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