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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2277 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2277 by desirenovel

Jim knelt as though he wanted to pick Sean up in his arms, but Sean shot him a murderous look. ” Get away from me! I can walk by myself!”

He then shoved Jim away with his elbow and tried to prop himself up.

However, because both of his palms had been injured, he could not bear weight on them, much less use his hands to pick himself off the ground.

Even after several attempts, he did not manage to stand back up.

Jim let out a sigh and, ignoring Sean’s desperate protests, picked him up in his arms. “Stop trying to prove yourself! You shouldn’t have saved me just now, knowing that you’d be injured like this!”

With that, he glanced at Luna and Joshua, then at Bonnie, who sat quietly in her wheelchair. He sighed. “Please help me take care of her; I need to send Sean to the hospital.”

Luna could not help feeling a little amused by the sight of Jim carrying Sean in his arms like a child, but she nodded earnestly, nonetheless. “Don’t worry. Joshua and I will take good care of Bonnie for you.”

“Thankyou.” Jim nodded, turned, and strode down the hallway with Sean.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” Sean writhed and squirmed in his arms, trying to get Jim to release him. “Don’t carry me like I’m a woman!”

“Am I supposed to hold your hand and escort you that way, knowing your palms are hurt?” Jim asked coldly as he strode out the door. “I’m your brother, so what’s wrong with me carrying you like this?”

“How dare you say you’re my brother?”

“If I’m not, why did you rescue me from Christopher just now? Why did you admit that you were my brother?”


The sound of Jim and Sean’s squabbling grew further and further away.

Luna could not help sighing as she watched their retreating figures.

Then, she turned around, slowly walked over to Bonnie’s side, and reached out to take Bonnie’s hand in hers. “I don’t know whether you overheard everything that happened just now, Bonnie, but…”

She let out a sigh and grasped Bonnie’s cold hand tightly. “Jim and Sean seem to be getting along for the first time in their lives. If only you could wake up F:\yL3SV witness this for yourself…”

Then,she turned to glance at Joshua.

Joshua smiled at her, then gestured for Lucas to bring Luna and Bonnie backstage. As soon as they were settled in, he proceeded to comfort the rest of the wedding guests.

Sitting backstage, Luna could not help feeling a little emotional as she helped wipe the bloodstains from Bonnie’s dress.

If only Bonnie could wake up at this moment…

All of a sudden, Luna’s phone rang.

It was a call from Rachel.

“Luna.” Rachel’s voice sounded a little hoarse. “I know I shouldn’t be calling you at this time, especially since you’re right in the middle of Bonnie and Jim’s wedding, but this is a piece of news that can’t wait.”

She let out an exhale and continued, “I need your husband to apologize for ever doubting my expertise.

“When I say I want him to apologize, I want him to mean it. That’s because after looking through all of Bonnie’s lab reports and blood workup, I’m confident that Bonnie won’t die, not in a million years.

“Your mother must’ve made a mistake.”

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