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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2127 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2127 by desirenovel

A split second later, Sean’s former boss sneered and retorted, “Well, if it weren’t for your wretched sister deliberately seducing him, he wouldn’t have done this anyway! Terry’s a good guy; I can vouch for this! “I can’t believe that he helped you check on your sister out of kindness, who forced him into sleeping with her, and now, everyone is blaming him for it! Sean, haven’t you thought of the possibility that this could be your sister’s plan? Tell me, what do you want from us?”

Sean instinctively guffawed when he heard this. “How could my sister have possibly been able to force him into doing something like this?” Even if Terry wanted to lie, he should at least have thought of a better excuse.

“She drugged him.”

With that, Sean’s boss hung up the phone. Sean clutched his phone tightly, listening to the dial tone. Nikki…had drugged Terry into sleeping with her?

That was impossible!

This was probably the first time Nikki had ever met Terry in person, so how could she possibly have been able to drug a stranger? Besides, she was a pure and innocent child, so how could she possibly have gotten her hands on something like this?

Sean could not believe that his boss adamantly defended Terry even after the heinous crime he committed.

“Bonnie, I only have one piece of advice for you; you’d better back off while you can.” Nikki sneered, glancing at Bonnie as soon as she entered the room and drew the curtains shut behind her. “Back off?” Bonnie shot her a cold look as she picked up Nikki’s clothes, which were draped over the bed. “What did I even do? Why should I back off?”

Nikki could not help sneering once more when she heard this. “How can you have no idea what you did?”

She dodged Bonnie as soon as she reached out toward her and instead wrapped herself in a blanket as she fixed her cold, penetrating stare on Bonnie’s face. “You barged into me and my brother’s life and even pranced around our house like it was a museum. Not only that, but instead of finding your ex-husband or friends and family for help, you kept on pestering my brother!

“What’s wrong? Are you so lonely that you can’t even reach out to a single friend and instead have to rely on my brother to save you?” Nikki continued haughtily, “I know exactly what you’re doing, Bonnie! After your failure to seduce Jim, you want to use my brother, who looks almost exactly like him, as a rebound! “Well, let me tell you this; you’d better give up right here and now! Sean is mine!”

Bonnie shot Nikki, who was stark naked and wrapped inside a blanket, a helpless look and said with a bitter smile, “I never wanted to take your brother away from you, so you don’t have to be so defensive.”

Then, she tossed Nikki’s clothes onto her body and added, “Judging from how you look, I guess you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Not only do you have the energy to argue with me about this, but you even know to cover yourself out of embarrassment. “That’s enough now. Your brother is worried about you, so you’d better stop throwing a tantrum and put your clothes on.”

“He’s worried about me?” Nikki let out a bitter smile, then recalled how she had swallowed the libido-enhancing pill and waited patiently for Sean to return home.

Initially, Nikki thought that after calling Sean about her fake attack, he would return home immediately to check on her. Therefore, she took a libido-enhancing pill and even put it in a pot of tea she had brewed specially for Sean.

However, to her surprise, the person who arrived to check on her was not Sean, but his ex coworker instead…

Everything after that had been out of her control. Nikki was unable to control the drug’s effects, while Terry could not suppress his urges, which led to this unfortunate incident.

To Nikki, however, Bonnie was to blame for this entire mishap! If Bonnie had not called Sean for help, this would not have happened in the first place! As soon as she thought of this, Nikki sneered. “Bonnie, I heard you guys talking outside, and I overheard you saying that you feel responsible for what happened to you, didn’t you? “Well, if you kneel right now and beg for my forgiveness, I might consider putting this behind us.”

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