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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2125 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2125 by desirenovel

Sean paused for a moment. “I think it’s best that I take care of her instead.”

Then, he strode over to the nurse’s side and said, “I’m the patient’s brother, so I’ll go instead.”

The nurse glanced at him dazedly, then at Bonnie, and finally stared at Luna. “Ms. Luna…” Luna fell silent for a moment, then lifted her head to glance at Bonnie. “Can you do this?” “No problem.” Bonnie smiled. “Sean was exaggerating when he said I almost died. I was just dehydrated because of the heat in the car, that’s all. I’m feeling a lot better now.”

Then, she flung Sean’s arm away. “After all, it was my fault that this even happened to Nikki in the first place. Since she’s willing to let me go in and take care of her, I’ll do it.”

She turned around to glance at Sean..”Besides helping me, you even put your sister in danger because of me… I don’t mind doing this if it means being able to ease the awkwardness between you and Nikki.”

Then, she smiled at the nurse and said, “Let’s go.” The nurse nodded and walked over to help her up. “Don’t worry. We’ll be keeping an eye on you outside the curtains, and if anything happens, we’ll be there to help.”

Bonnie curled her lips into a smile and nodded, then followed the nurse into the ward. Sean remained motionless, his brows knitted into a frown as he watched them leave.

He turned around to stare at Luna and asked her a question that seemed to be a consolation to himself, too, “Bonnie…will be fine, right?”

Luna, too, furrowed her brows at how confused he looked. “You and your sister…aren’t related by blood, right?”

Sean paused when he heard this, then nodded in reply. “Yes. Nikki was adopted by my mother.”

As he said this, he closed his eyes. “My birth father passed away due to an accident when my mother was pregnant, and she was so devastated that she miscarried the baby. “After that, she kept blaming herself for the miscarriage , so she adopted a baby to ease her pain.”

A small smile played on Sean’s lips as he recalled these accounts, reminiscing about his mother. “Mother said that she had given birth to two sons but no daughter …and she always wanted one…so she adopted Nikki.”

Luna furrowed her brows when she heard this. “You have another brother?”

Sean fell silent for a moment, then replied, “Not really; I just heard about him from my mother. She told me that he’s the son she had with her ex-husband, and she had left him at his father’s.

“He has a new mother now, and she treats him like her own. The three of them are now a happy little family, so neither Mother nor I want to disturb them.” With that, he smiled at Luna and added, “That’s why I’ve always pretended that this brother of mine didn’t exist all these years.”

Luna could not help feeling a little saddened when she heard this. She let out a sigh and was about to say something further when her phone rang.

It was a number she did not recognize.

She picked up the call, frowning, and Jim’s cold voice rang out from the other end of the line.” How’s Bonnie now?”

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